{about me}

              photo by katielynn photography
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Arielle, I'm a young wife to the handsomest man on the planet, and also a mom to a sweet baby girl who is the sunshine of my life. My homeland is America but I'm currently an expat living in the enchanting country of Romania, which is crazy yet amazing! You should know that I'm a believer in Jesus, with a passion for living for Him. My blog is mainly focused on modest fashion, but I also write about beauty, photography, Romania, life as a mom, and other ramblings that cross my mind. I hope you'll leave my blog blessed, encouraged, and with a smile on your face. :)
XO, Arielle

{What's about the alias? Where did Marie Danielle go?}
My real name is Arielle, although I used to go by an alias online, Marie Danielle, thus the name of my blog, Marie Loves. In 2012, I decided to come out from behind my alias and show the world who I really was, which eventually led to my letting go of the alias name forever in 2013. I kept the name of my blog the same, to remember the sweet times and memories of the past. I'll alway love Marie Danielle, but from here on out I'm back to being the real me, and that is Arielle. :)

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