Announcement For All Readers :)

Hi everybody!
First off, I KNOW. It's like I just disappeared. So sorry about that. I've been working on a few projects, and been keeping busy being a mom, taking care of my health, and missing hubs. But I'm not really here today to make excuses about being a bad blogger, I actually have a few rather big announcements to make today. So please take a minute to read my post through, I'd appreciate it so much! Okay, are you ready? I'll give you the bad news first and save the best for last, how is that?

I've decided after much thought, to stop blogging here, at Marie Loves. {insert tearful nostalgic moment here} I published my first post here, in 2010, over 3 years ago. Seems like 10 in a lot of ways. :) When I first started blogging, I was a lonely teen girl, living a kajillion miles away from everything familiar to me, I loved fashion, photography, and writing, so I thought hey! Why not start a fashion blog? What is there to lose? I fell in love with blogging. If you aren't a blogger, you probably don't get it. But really, blogging is my creative outlet! I enjoy writing. I enjoy beauty, makeup, haircare, fashion, shopping and all that fun, girly, stylish, stuff girls do. I like promoting natural beauty, and sharing with girls how to (modestly) celebrate being feminine, the way God made us. I never expected this blog to be anything special, or popular, to be honest I'm still so surprised every time my email dings and I see a new comment or follower! I love each and every one of you a lot. I've made so many amazing friends via Marie Loves, I am so thankful for that opportunity. With that said, I didn't start this blog with the goal of getting lots of followers, and I still feel that way every time I hit publish. I think it's important, with anything creative like this, to always always always do it in a way that is true to yourself. Creativity should always come from the personal uniqueness that makes you up into the special person you are. There is nothing wrong with trying out new things and stepping out of your comfort zone, but I really hope this blog always stay true to me, Arielle, and who I am. Sometimes people ask me, "Why do you blog?" and while I wish I had a really philosophical thing to say, as simple as it sounds, I blog because I enjoy blogging. 

It relaxes me.
It makes me happy.
I enjoy the creative aspect.
It's fun.
It's motivating.
It pushes me to learn new things.
I meet new people, and make new friends.
It has given me new opportunities.
It encourages others.
It gives me a place to express myself.

I have grown and changed as a person in so many ways since 2010, I feel like my heart has moved on from here, and is ready for something fresh and new. Truthfully, I'm not the same girl that I was then, even though I'm still me, it's a more grown up, life-changed, and older me now! For crying out loud, I'm a mother now, that is still hard for me to believe! :-) So with all that said, moving on to my second awesome announcement! I hope you are still reading by this point!

I will be launching a new blog in the very near future. Yay! I hope you are excited because I know that I sure am! My new site will be focused more on daily outfit posts, fashion, beauty, and won't be so side tracked as this blog has become. (Yup. That's me. Rabbit trail girl. It's so hard for me to NOT be random.) I will still be inserting personal posts in the midst of all the fashion & style, of course! My baby girl is WAY to cute to not share with you guys every once in awhile. ;) So there it is! I've been working on my new blog, and have plans to be launching it any day now. I really hope you'll come on over to follow my new site, I can't wait to start it up and see what happens. I will be back soon for one LAST post to share links and info on my new blog. So stay tuned!

Marie Danielle..... or Me! Arielle. :)


  1. Awwww I'm super super super super superrrr sad!!! Your blog has been my absolute favorite for years!!!!! I'll be sad to see this blog go, but hey if you're still gonna be blogging, then I guess I can't stay sad for long - cuz we'll still be blogging friends!!!! :)

    Soo excited for your new blog!! You can count on me to be following you, for sure!


    1. ps.

      you won't be deleting 'Marie Loves...' will you!??!!?!? I HOPE NOT!!! I LOOVE going back to all your old posts and rereading them every once in awhile! ! :)


  2. Excited about your new blog! I'm sad about this blog, but you're such a fun blogger, I'm just glad you're not giving it up entirely. :)


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