First Trip With Maria

(My apologies! I wrote this on Monday and THOUGHT I scheduled it for later on in the day, but apparently, I didn't. So. It's only like, a week late!)

I was SUPER nervous about flying with a 8 month old. Everyone has these awful stories about babies screaming during entire 10 hour flights and everything being chaotic. I read up on tons of articles and prepared as best as I could. But I was still nervous, and figured it was only a matter of time before Maria erupted. Well, surprise surprise, EVERYTHING WAS FINE. I should have just trusted my gut! Maria is a really calm baby, for the most part. She is also extremely stubborn and opinionated for a little girl, but she loves her mommy and as long as she is close to me, she is almost always content. So thankfully, we had a great trip. I overpacked as usual. Our flights were delayed. I went to the wrong terminal. My back hurt for days afterwards. But at least we didn't experience any diaper blow outs or full on scream sessions during the flights. I was super proud of Maria and thankful God got us here safe and sound. I was ever so happy to arrive in Minneapolis just in time for the 4th of July. After about a week of jet lag (yay early mornings!) things got back to normal and we've adjusted quite well. I miss Dan so much, and hope his visa process goes quickly. It's difficult to be so far apart. Thankfully, we have Skype! Alright, lets just go on to the photos. :)

Sleeping on the way to the airport!

Leaving Brasov for the last time. :( Bittersweet.

Getting ready to take off for the first time! Yay!

Pretty skies.

She got her fill of people watching in the airport!

Flight delays in Munich.

But delays don't seem to bother babies as much as it does the adults. :)

Maria was SUPER hyper by the time we arrived in Chicago! I couldn't get her to stand still for a picture!

My first American purchase. Classy, I know.

Getting some much needed R&R the next day!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and I'll be back soon with MORE POSTS. :)




  1. Welcome back to the US! That is especially sweet that you got to be here for the 4th!

  2. Yayyyyyyy I'm soo glad you're back!!!!!! I've missed your posts soo much! I'm so glad you got to the u.s. safe!! Maria has gotten soooo big and she looks adorable in the pictures!!! :) love manda


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