What 30 Day Challenge?

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm sorry I missed (most!) of the remix challenge. There is a lot of family stuff going on right now for me (nothing bad! Just some changes that are keeping us really busy.), not to mention it is also Spring so we are in the plowing/planting rush before the rains come. I guess 30 days was a bit long for me! I think next time I will stick with 15. :) I have still been wearing my 30x30 picks actually, I just haven't had time for photos or blogging! It was still fun and I learned a few things about myself and my wardrobe.

-I have a really small wardrobe! It was hard choosing 30 pieces that fit me, I liked and/or looked alright in. So I discovered that this year I need to really try to fill all the gaps back in!

-I need to find more ways to accessorize! Having a 6 month old rules out dangly earrings (ripped earlobes? No thanks.) or delicate bracelets and necklaces. So lately I've been sticking to scarves and stud earrings. That's it. I need to get more belts, and studs for sure (I have like 3 pairs! I usually prefer dangling earrings.). And be on the lookout for more sturdy necklaces or bracelets that are baby hand friendly. :-)

-Headbands are my most worn accessory! It really adds a lot and redeems messy updo's. I need to remember this, and always pick up good headband deals when I find them because I could use some more options.

-I am a simple dresser. I just am. After monitoring my outfits for the past few weeks it really dawned on me. :) But that's ok, I just prefer basics. Now I need to learn to mix up an accessorize my basics more to make my outfits a little more interesting.
On another note, yesterday was Easter for those of us in Romania. Easter is one of the most celebrated holiday here, in a lot of ways even bigger that Christmas. Usually we have a very mixed amount of traditional American and Romanian cuisine for dinner, I'm blessed to be a part of a multi-coltural family. It's a lot of fun! Maria also turned 6 months old yesterday, can you believe it? She said her first word too, "mama" so you can bet I am proud! heehee. She has been saying it constantly since yesterday and I can't get enough, it is adorable!  Here are a few photos from yesterday afternoon.



  1. Awww no worries about the challenge! Family comes first... I LOVE the cute pics of Maria!! So much fun...I hope you have a blessed day! :) P.s. I so understand about trying to accessorize more. I am the same way. My little one is 1 today! And I struggle on coming up with new ways to wear old things! :)

  2. Happy Six Months, Maria, you pretty girl you! <3 I bet you are one happy "mama," Arielle! ;)

  3. Happy 6 month old birthday Maria! (a day late!) I am melting over that picture of Dan kissing her, sooooo precious!! :) I can't believe its already been 6 months since you posted, Arielle, that you'd had Maria!!! Feels like yesterday! haha

    And I totally understand about the whole 30x30 thing!! I don't think I could do it - it would be really fun to try, but documenting every outfit would be hard I would think! :)


  4. Oh those are really cute pictures=)


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