My First Mother's Day

Since we already celebrate Women's Day in March, which in many ways is like Mother's Day, I felt a tiny bit guilty insisting on celebrating American Mother's Day as well! But I really enjoy celebrating American holidays, it makes me happy and feel closer to home. :) Plus this is my moms last year here and who knows when we will be together for Mother's Day again?
So we planned a nice and quiet family BBQ, we grilled veggies, chicken, and shrimp, had deviled eggs and a few salads. And I made strawberry shortcake for dessert, I wish strawberry season would never end! ^_^ It was simple and easy since all the girls pitched in to help in the kitchen and the guys did the grilling!
 I told my husband about Mothers Day a few weeks ago and hinted told him what I'd like. (tip: if you expect something from hubs on a certain holiday, just be honest and tell him what you would like! I know, surprises are so much better, but the truth is men sometimes need more than a hint for something to happen. After several disappointing holidays, I finally learned to be honest about my expectations ahead of time. I'm happy because I get something I actually want, and hubs is happy he didn't waste money on something I don't like! It's a win-win!) Since Maria was born I haven't been wearing dangly earrings. I'm scared to death of getting my lobes torn! But I have very few studs, so I told Dan I'd really like some new earrings and he got me a cute pair that I love and can still wear with Maria! He got me a scarf too since he noticed I've been wearing them more often. It is really pretty and I'm sure you'll see it in an outfit post soon! He also watched Maria all morning for me, so I got to sleep in and have a nice long shower before church. Somewhat of a luxery these days. :) 
I feel so incredibly blessed to be a mom. Having RA especially, makes parenting much more difficult. Many people with chronic illness can only dream of having their own. When I first found out I was pregnant last year, there were complications and a high chance of having a miscarriage. The fact that I'm holding her in my arms today is a miracle of its own! God has been so very gracious in my life, allowing me the blessing of being a mother to such a special little girl. Maria brings so much sunshine and happiness into the family, she makes me look forward to the days ahead and motivates me to be a better person. Being a mom isn't easy, but it is so worthwhile! This year, Mother's Day was a really special holiday for me, especially the thought that this will hopefully be the first of many more to come!

How did you spend Mother's Day?


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