Readers FAQ Part 1 {VLOG}

Hey everyone! I taped this on Saturday but couldn't  get it to upload until this morning. My apologies! I am still so new at doing this and feel really awkward in front of the camera, but I hope you still enjoy it and can understand me. ^_^ I'll be answering the rest of the questions soon!! Ok, on to the video.

As a side note, today my sister, Arianna, saw a new Rheumatologist today and it ended up being a really long stressful afternoon for her. She is facing some very serious health problems and an unknown future. She is feeling a bit scared, frustrated, mad, and confused all at once. So if you have a moment please lift her up in your prayers. I know she'd appreciate them!! Thank you so much.


  1. It's so neat to actually hear what your voice sounds like. (I'm a fan of vlogs!)

  2. I'll be praying for your sister! I thought your vlog was great!


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