Maria {5 months old}

Well not quite 5 months old yet, we still have a few days left! :-) I can't believe how fast babies grow. This past month was a big growth spurt for her, IMO, I saw her change in so many areas....she is quickly losing the infant look. A lot of my neighbors here have commented on how big she is but I still think she is petite for her age. She weights about 13 pounds, is very healthy and active...so that's all I care! :-) Here are some photos from the past month.
She started taking a bottle really well! I still exclusively breastfeed but it's nice to bring a bottle when I am out in the city, more convenient. So I'm happy she takes one so well. :)
She figured out that her feet can reach her mouth! ^_^ My mom, husband, and I were all there the first time she did it and I was able to get pictures of it too. It is so funny to watch, she really loves her toes! So cute. 
She has definitely started teething, poor baby! We had some really rough days in the past couple of weeks, I caved in and gave her Tylenol for the pain. :( She seems to be doing better lately but I know there will be more teething adventures in the future!
I bought a stroller...FINALLY! I really put it off but I just couldn't anymore, we just got a simple Chicco umbrella stroller, and so far I'm really happy with it. Maria does great in it too, and it makes shopping so much easier! :-)
Maria actually has a few pairs of cute shoes that fit her (she has big feet this baby!) but I'm always forgetting to put them on her! I brought out these little pink boots last week and she's been wearing them around the house. I think she likes taking them off best, but I think they are still pretty cute!
She is such a daddy's girl already, without fail she ALWAYS wakes up the minute she hears his voice when he gets home from work. It's so cute! She likes to hang out with him doing whatever, even if it is just to watch him play chess online! :-)
And I'll end with a sweet closeup of all those dainty baby features. So delicate and beautiful! I love her dark, long, eyelashes! Lucky babe. 
I'll be back tomorrow for a link-up of what I've been loving lately! Hope everyone is having a good start of a new month. Much love, Arielle


  1. These pictures just melted my heart, Arielle!!! Maria is sooo precious!!! The pics of her playing with her li'l tosies are so cute, and I also lovelovelove the one of her and Dan! Adorable!! :)


  2. She only gets more adorable as she gets older!


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