First Day of April {+ my first vlog!}

*Does anyone else really hate April fools day? I am absolutely paranoid someone will play a trick on me, so I go through the day on high suspicion alert and by the time night comes around I'm just exhausted from all the suspiciousness. But my parents met on April 1st, 35 years ago, so that is pretty awesome and wonderful. My dad always said it is appropriate, because "I'm a fool for your mom!!" Aww.

*It finally feels like spring today! Well it is April fools day after all, so most likely it will be snowing or something horrid like that tomorrow, but hey...I am jut going to enjoy my Spring day while it is here. Blue skies, warm sunshine, light breeze. It feels perfect.

*My husband is in the backyard plowing fields for potatoes today, so Maria and I have happily been going back and forth to check on his work. It's a good excuse to be outdoors! She LOVES to be outside, so that's good, because my husband and I are pretty outdoorsy people. I don't know though, probably all kids love the outdoors. Nature was my paradise growing up! :)

*Maria is getting hair! Finally! Ok, she really does looks absolutely adorable bald, but I am sooo happy to see soft beautiful hair coming in now. Right now it looks really light in color, but I'm so curious to see what it will end up as. Ok sorry. I'll get off my boring mom stand.

*Last but not least, I did a VLOG today! :-) It is short, boring, and not the best quality. It was kind of an experiment more than anything. I wanted to see how my computer did and how long it took to upload and stuff. The sound is probably the worst part, there is a bit of a buzzing sound? Anyway. It is a start. Hope you enjoy it anyway!! I know Maria loved making it. :-) So here ya go!

XO, Arielle


  1. Awww Maria is so cute! :D Great job with the vlogging, and looking forward to some more!

  2. Gahhhh!!! I haven't been on your blog in a while and the fist thing I see almost kills me from cuteness!!!:D Don't know if I could ever concur the vlog thing, you did AMAZING!

  3. Maria is so cute!! She's at such a fun age! I hope you do more vlogs! It's fun to be able to tie a face with a voice now :)

  4. Ohmygoodness I just about died with all the cuteness in the vlog!! Maria is soo presh, wish I could cuddle with her! :) She looks so adorable in her hat with the bow! :)

    I loved hearing what your voice sounded like as well!! It wasn't what I was expecting... not totally sure what I WAS expecting, haha, but just loved the vlog! I can't wait for more of your vlos! Also, I've been thinking of making my own YouTube account. Is it easy to do? And is it easy to upload the YouTube video to your blog? Thanks!


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing you guys! I was excited to see Maria. I miss you. It made my night!


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