Day 3 || 30x30 Remix Challenge

Today I went shopping with Maria and my sister. :) I wasn't as successful as I had hoped to be...but I was able to get a few good staples to add into my wardrobe! I'll post the rest of my pieces for the challenge (I think I have 14 left?) tomorrow. I am still really lacking in shoes, my feet went up half a size during my pregnancy so unfortunately I have a lot of replacing to do. Oh well for now I'll just make due with what I have. :)
Purple long sleeved top || ??. Black nursing tank || H&M Mama. Black pencil skirt || Zara. Brown tights || Meli Melo. Black riding boots || Tamaris. Studs and Turquoise scarf || gift. Baby || mine :)

I hope you don't mind Maria being in my photos today, even though she was a little on the grumpy side! :)



  1. Who could ever mind Maria in your photos? She's so adorable (even when grumpy!) Love your outfit today - so cute! I love the purple top with the blue scarf - excellent job!!!

  2. Beautiful outfit my dear. I love the scarf with the purple. Very classy and cute..Can't wait to see the rest of the outfits!

  3. I always LOOOVE it when you hold Maria in your outfit pictures!!! She's soo adorable! And also girly, I loooooove your outfit today!!! Those jewel colors are gorgeous, and they look amazing on you! I also love how you wore your scarf! :)



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