Day 16 || 30x30 Remix

Sorry in advance for the photo overload! :-) Today my sister and I headed off to the city for a little girls time, of course we brought Maria along too! The weather ended up being really hot, especially in the sun. Even with a healthy slather of sunscreen, Maria still got pink cheeks. I need to get her a bigger hat! Everything is really green right now, if we have a drought again as predicted this Summer, we might not be able to enjoy it long. So it was nice to have a long relaxing day to get out and enjoy the Spring beauty! All the flowers are in bloom, tulips are always planted in the city parks here during the Spring and they are gorgeous. God made so many pretty colors. ^_^ I just wore another simple outfit. I've always been bad at accessorizing, but now with a 6 month old I'm even worse! I try to jazz things up with scarves and headbands since she can't hurt them. :-) Okay enough rambling. On to some photos!

At the beginning of our day! Maria still had her pants on at this point. ^_^
I love these flowers!
Arianna is such a good aunt, and a good trooper too! I think we wore her out with all the walking in the heat. :) At least she has a cane now which really helps her out a lot.
Her stroller fit great with a snowsuit, but now it is a little big, sans snowsuit. I had to keep an eye on her and keep adjusting the straps all day! :)
I love my old city! The buildings are so lovely.
Me and my baby girl. 
What I wore: White crossover nursing top || H&M Mama. Dark wash skinny jeans || Yessica by C&A. Hot pink scarf || borrowed from my mom! Flip Flops || Old Navy. Hair flower || Meli Melo. Green bag || C&A. 
All worn out!

I think that is all for today! Hope you enjoyed the photos. :)

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  1. Very cute outfit! thw white and pink just popped!! :) Glad you were able to spend time with your daughter and sister. :)



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