Day 1 || 30x30 Remix Challenge

Sunday mornings are rough for me. Being a mom wears you out, and having a autoimmune disease gives you serious fatigue. Together? I hate mornings. Baby girl is usually up around 7:30-8:00 though, so I have about 2 hours to get everything together. Our church currently meets underneath my husband and I's apartment, and my parents are just next door. So that is convenient for us, and nice that I have somewhere to go when I need to feed or Maria! Due to the high rates of sickness here during the Winter, I am usually not in church for the entire service, I try to come in a little late and leave before it is over so I can avoid mingling too much. I know, that is horrible! But I just want to avoid Maria getting tuberculosis or something worse. :-\ But anyway. I still like to try to dress nice on Sunday and do a little something with my face and hair. (although this morning I only french braided and put on blush/mascara! lazy me!) We always have a family dinner after church, with my parents, sister, brother and his wife, and my mother-in-law! It is nice and relaxing. Ok. It is day 1 and I am already cheating! Ah. What is it with me and rules? But seriously, these black flats are the only "church" shoes I have right now, even though they are too small. I'm planning on buying a new pair this week though, so I didn't want to put them down for my 30x30 items. I'm wearing a REALLY simple outfit today. I was planning on belting a cardigan over the dress, but it turned out nice and warm at the last minute, so I just wore it plain. Since I have an active almost 6 month old, goodbye fancy necklaces and dangling earrings, so thats why you won't be seeing a lot of jewelry on me in the near future. :-)
Floral maxi dress || Dress Barn. Black flats || ?? Earrings || christmas present! 
Alright, well that is all for day 1! See you again tomorrow. :-)
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. You look lovely! That dress looks gorgeous on you! Plus, you look beautiful (even w/o makeup.) ♥

    Sorry that Sunday mornings aren't awesome for you. :-( At our house, they are a bit hectic, too; getting all five of us kids looking respectable and getting us all out the door on time is always an interesting experience!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your outfits!



  2. Ooh that dress is super pretty!!! Maxi dresses are the bomb-diggity, seriously sooo comfy and cute! :) You look pretty today. Blue is a really nice color on you.



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