Day 7 || 30x30 Remix Challenge

First of all, sorry for missing yesterday. I promise, I got all dressed following my 30x30 rules, but Maria spit up all over me before I could take any photos. Plus I was feeling crummy anyway so it was just the excuse I needed to put some sweats on. So I'm really sorry, I'll try not to let it happen again! I want to try to get as many days in as I can during this challenge. So far it has been going good, I'm surprised I got this far without missing a day. ^_^
Onto today! I'm still feeling pretty crummy. Weather change always makes me flare, and I tend to get allergies/cold-like symptoms in the Springtime too so I'm just feeling meh. Last night when I was setting out my outfit I had planned on wearing a skirt or my new bermuda shorts since it is so warm out lately. But I couldn't handle to chill indoors so I ended up in jeans. I try to avoid graphic tees, I think they age me too young sometimes! Ha. But I found this one on sale last week and thought it was really adorable, so I couldn't resist! I love the saying and the bike is so cute. Sorry you can't see it better in the photos! I was kind of rushed taking them today. I paired the tee with my mustard yellow cardigan to make it a little more presentable (and for some extra warmth!), and although I've been wearing slippers in the house all day, I traded them in for flip flops for these photos. :-) I guess these kind of challenges are good because people definitely get to see the real you! I am no fashion diva, and I don't get dolled up often. I'm just a stay at home wife and mom, and my life is overall pretty tame. Anyway. I don't know why I said all that. I guess I'm feeling guilty that I am posting such plain looking outfits! I like looking pretty but mostly I am a pretty simple dresser. Especially on the weekends! :)

 Graphic tee // Carrefour. Mustard cardigan // Pull and Bear. Bootcut jeans // Only 4 You. Flip flops // Old Navy. 

Wishing everybody a lovely weekend!!


  1. Arielle, I love how we have the exact same style!! My style is sooo crazy simple - I don't even like wearing much jewelry except for my purity ring and stud earrings! lol Your graphic tee is soo adorable - I love old-fashioned bikes! :)


    p.s. i honestly don't care what anyone says - my favorite pair of shoes for summer are flip-flops!!! couldn't live without them in the summer!!!! haaha

  2. Cute outfit, Arielle! I think this shirt is age appropriate! I've seen people in their early 20's wearing Hello Kitty and the cookie monster, yeah, not so much! =)
    Sorry you aren't feeling well! I've been having my usual Spring allergies, my head has been feeling like a balloon for about 3 days now-not fun!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
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