Day 4 || 30x30 Remix Challenge

I confess: I'm really feeling blah today. A day out shopping always completely wipes me out (yay, thanks R.A.) and relieve it or not I need a day or two to recover. I miss the days I had seamless amounts of energy! Little things normal people take for granted become extra special when you live with a chronic disease. So I'm just staying home, doing stuff around the house. The weather is beautifully sunny with blue skies, I wish I was feeling up for a walk! Maybe I'll take Maria out later if I can muster up the energy. :) I got these skinny jeans yesterday and think I like them! They are actually a pretty good fit, and I like the dark wash too. Of course they are too long but jeans here always run way long! So I'll rather scrunch them, roll them...or maybe hem them eventually. ^_^ I bought this cardigan at Forever 21 years ago when I went to visit friends in the states. I really love the color, I should wear it more often. Ok. Enough mumbling. Onto the photos for today!
Peach cardigan // Forever 21. Black nursing tank // H&M Mama. Dark wash skinny jeans // C&A. Flip flops // Old Navy. Headband (& Maria's headband) // Meli Melo. Plaid scarf // H&M. Silver stud earrings // gift. 

I'm enjoying the challenge so far! Be sure you click on the icon to go visit Ashley's blog, she has been posting lovely outfits and you can also check out everyone else that has been linking up daily! See everybody tomorrow for day 5. :)


  1. I love that you and Maria have coordinating headbands.

  2. Adorable outfit!!! :) Maria looks presh as always!


  3. I love the matching headbands!!!

  4. I love the matching headbands!!!


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