30x30 Remix Items {part II}

So I'm sure you remember that I only posted about half my items before this challenge began. I was planning on shopping this week with the hopes of coming home with my hands full! Also, I really have a tiny wardrobe right now. It was a struggle coming up with 30 pieces that fit, I like and/or look good on me! Anyway. Here are the remaining 14 pieces that I'll be wearing during this challenge.
17. White jean Bermuda pants (C&A)
18. Dark wash skinny jeans (C&A)

19. Red drape-y cardigan (New Yorker)
20. Striped button down (Gap)
21. Plaid camp shirt (??)
22. Coral cardigan (Forever 21)
23. Argyle sweater (??)
24. Blue drape neck top (Pimkie)
25. Polka dot tee (C&A)
26. White graphic tee (Carrefour)
27. Grey button tee (Takko)

28. Brown wedge sandals (Skechers) (soo old but my only pair of sandals right now!)
29. Black canvas sneakers (Converse)
30. (Not pictured) Black flip flops (Old Navy)

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