Day 13 || 30x30 Remix + Explanation!

I know, I missed several days in a row! I'm so sorry, please forgive me! I came down with the flu Sunday morning and was a little under the weather for the next few days. I did follow my 30x30 rule and got dressed with my selected items, I just didn't take photos. :-/ But I'm back now and ready to keep going! The last 3 days I took photos BUT MY COMPUTER DIED. What is up with my luck lately? Anyway. At least I got it working again. I just want to apologize! I hate missing days during events like this. So let's play catch up.
Day 10: Just a work outside all day outfit! I just snapped a few pics on my iPhone, sorry I didn't get a full length shot. But I figured it was better than nothing!
Argyle sweater || Gift. Bootcut jeans || Kenvelo. Trail runners || Adidas
Day 11: I did *not* like this outfit! I just bought this tee and it is an odd fit on me, not very flattering. Maybe because I got a little bigger size to make it easier to BF in. But it was comfy and I was busy working outside so it didn't really matter. Taking photos of your outfits every day really help to show you what things really look like. Live and learn. :) From now on I will probably wear it under cardigans or something, I think it is a cute print, so I want to try and wear it other ways and see if it works.
Blue polka dot tee || Clockwise by C&A. Dark skinny jeans || Yessica by C&A. Black flats || gift. (I'm taking my Converse out and replacing them with my too-small flats because my husband took my shoe laces! MEN! ahh.)
Day 12: I lovvvve this sweater! I got it right after I had Maria and ended up buying 2 more in other colors. It is really comfy, nice to BF in, and pretty cute IMO. :) I love that I can switch out the color of the tank underneath to change the look.
White open weave crop sweater || Cato. Pink ribbed tank || Takko. Bootcut jeans || Kenvelo. Flip flops || Old navy.
And today! Day 13!! :-) The weather has been so lovely this Spring. It's already so warm! I suspect the rain will start soon but until then I'm enjoying the sunshine. And yes, I was too hot with a cardigan on! Part of the day I just wore the blue top on it's own.
Grey Cardigan || Old Navy. Blue drape neck top || Pimkie. Bootcut jeans || Kenvelo. Flip flops || Old Navy. Headband || Meli Melo.

Again, I'm sorry about missing so many days. Please forgive me! Hopefully I won't miss anymore. :-)

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  1. Awwww I know what its like to be sick for many days!! I haven't gone to school this whole week because I've got vertigo issues or whatever its called where I get really dizzy and tired and all that. :/ So yeah. Honestly, the shirt you said you didn't like is ADORABLE and I personally think it looks really really great on you!!! :) Polka dots are fun. haha

    Hoping you get better soon!



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