30x30 Challenge with Bramblewood Fashion {My 30}

Last year I participated in a 15x15 wardrobe challenge as some of you might remember. It was a lot more fun than I expected, I really enjoyed all the mixing and matching and learning to be more creative with my wardrobe. So I was thrilled when Ashley announced another one of these challenges again this year, but this time involving 30 wardrobe pieces for a total of 30 days! It's a long time and probably going to be more difficult, but I think it is just the nudge I need to get out of this wardrobe rut I'm in. No more wearing the same outfit every couple of days!! I was counting on a big shopping trip last week to fill in the huge gaps of my wardrobe (shoes! I need shoes! seriously, I have boots and sneakers right now, that is it!) but I won't be able to take the trip until Tuesday most likely. So I am just sharing 16 pieces today, and I will get the other 14 up sometime next week. Promise. :) Ok. Here is what I'll be wearing.

1. White nursing top (H&M Mama)
2. Long sleeved purple tee (??)
3. Black ruched sleeve bow top (New Yorker)
4. Mustard cardigan (Pull & Bear)
5. Dark grey long cardigan (Cindy Crawford for C&A)
6. Light grey cardigan (Old Navy) (this baby is getting old!)
7. White cropped open-weave sweater (Cato)
8. Black nursing top (H&M Mama)
9. Black ruffled tank (Kenvelo)
10. Floral maxi dress (Dress Barn)
11. Black pencil skirt (Zara)
12. Black maxi skirt (??)
13. Dark wash boot cut jeans (Only 4 You)
14. Boot cut jeans (Kenvelo) (I might replace this item if I can find a pair of skinnies next week!)
15. Trail runners (Adidas) (seriously, I know they are kind of ugly, but I live in the country and this is just my reality! I wear these any time I go out in the village!)
16. Black riding boots (Tamaris) (sadly the weather could still be cold this month!)

So there ya go! There is still time to join in. It starts tomorrow! So if you are wanting to join in or curious to know more, click on the icon at the top of my post to learn more on Bramblewood Fashion. :-) Hoping that everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Love, Arielle


  1. I can not wait to see all the outfits you come up! You're one of my favorite style bloggers!!! :)


  2. Yay, you're doing it too! ♥ I had so much fun seeing your outfits last year - can't wait to see more in this challenge! I'm doing it again too - it's going to be so much fun! (You should have Marie participate. ;)



  3. Great! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I need help in this area...I tend to choose/buy items that already match or will match with only a couple things I own. :/ And then I just stick to those outfits I've coordinated without breaking out of the box. Rather dull. I need to branch out. ;)



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