Weekend Musings

{funny girl!!}

~Is St. Patrick's day really tomorrow? You know I used to love this holiday so much when (once upon many years ago ha) my family lived in NYC. The parade was always fantastic and I am just a sucker for the Irish, shamrock, green, kiss me stuff. No plans for tomorrow, I'm not even sure it is celebrated much in Romania since it is mainly Orthodox. But I will be posting some of my favorite green things I'd love to add to my wardrobe this year on the blog! :)
{an old pic of us, good memories!}

~Speaking of the blog, I have been doing the majority of it on my iPhone and iPad lately because my laptop is pretty much a goner. :-/ I hate typing on touch screen and it makes blogging a lot more difficult, but I'm trying to keep it up as best as I can! I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you notice any errors in my posts, it's probably due to that. I'll be getting a new computer in June but until then I'll just have to get by with my other gadgets! I am in the process of redesigning and refocusing my blog as well. This Spring I will be headed back into fashion blogging more seriously. :-)
{Maria at 3months & 4months.}

~Ugh, sickness has finally reached me! I have some sort of flu that has me all out of sorts and not feeling the brightest. That is a huge downside of having RA (lol, are there any upsides?), it really lowers your immune system making it a lot easier to catch things and if and when you are sick...it's a kajillion times worse. I live with symptoms like low grade fevers, severe joint pain, all over body and muscle aches, chronic fatigue, low energy levels....every day. So when you add any kind of sickness on top it just makes it really horrible. Luckily I didn't have any plans overt the weekend so I've been able to just chill and try to recover. Hopefully it won't last for long and I'll be back on my feet soon!
{Daddy's little girl.}

~Since I've not been well and overall had a lazy week, guess what I've been watching on TV? Downton Abbey. I teased my friends for being all into it before and this week I decided to give "one episode" a try. Well........I'm on season 3 now. So. Yeah, guess I'm into it now! :) Granny is the best, I love snarky British people. I've also been catching up on Castle. Anyone else just love that show? It's rather addicting and always makes me laugh.
{Me at 3 months & Maria at 3 months. NO RESEMBLANCE! wahh.}

~I started transitioning Maria into her crib this week and she is doing SO good. I was worried that co-sleeping might make it more difficult but I think it's a bigger change for me than her. ^_^ She's learning new things so quickly, it is really fun to watch her grow. She is such a happy part of our lives, I can't imagine not having her around. She really does add so much joy and sunshine around here!
{Taking a walk this week in the sunshine.}

~Ok enough boring ramblings. :) I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! And I'll be back tomorrow for St Patty's Day! Love, Marie


  1. No boring ramblings from you! I'm always interested! What an adorable picture of you and your husband! (-;

  2. Awww I loved all the old pictures!! I can't believe how much Maria looks like you did at her age!! Mother like daughter, I guess, huh? :) I can't wait to see your spring fashion!! I plan on buying some bright red, or bright green Wellies for all the spring and summer shows we've been having/will have! :) I'll be praying you get better soon!! I'm sorry you feel so horrible. :/


  3. Oh my! I feel horrible that I didn't even know you'd had your baby! (Very) Late congratulations Marie, she's beautiful.


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