The Future of Marie Loves

Right now I am on a personal mission of reorganizing and refocusing my life in every area. Kind of like spring cleaning for myself. :) This blog is also being refocused and I'm in the process of making future plans for it as well. So this is just an overview to let you know what is going on and what will be happening on the blog this year!!

- I am letting go of my alias, Marie Danielle, for the most part. It might be a little confusing for a bit but I really want to start going by Arielle again online. I will be keeping my blog name, Marie Loves, since Marie Danielle was and will always be a sweet part of who I used to be and who I am today. I'll be putting an explanation in my About Me page to explain my blog name and alias for newcomers who haven't been here for the entire journey!

- I am already working on a new blog design! It's a slow process but it is really starting to come together and I'm excited to flip over to the new design a soon as I finish tweaking. It will be something fresh, clean, and the start of a new beginning.

- I'm going back to where I originally started. Fashion blogging! That is what I truly love blogging about the most and it is a subject I'm passionate about. Fashion for me is so much about style and personality. I love how everyone is unique and shares a little bit of who they are by how they dress. I will still share pieces of my personal life, about living in Romania, being a wife & mom, and other everyday inspiration along the way. But you can expect to be seeing much more posts about fashion and less of the other mundane stuff from here on out.

- If you have a spare moment, please take the time to full out my readers survey! I've done one before and would like an updated version to see what YOU think of my blog. My readers are important to me and I live to please. Well not always, hehe, but I do like to know what my readers want. :-) So fill out the form below and help me decide the future of Marie Loves! It's much appreciated!

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  1. I'm soo excited to see what your new layout looks like, plus to see more of your awesome fashion posts! :)

    I will do my best to try to think of you and call you Arielle, but I might slip a few times and still call you Marie, cuz that's what I think of you as. But I'll do my best!! :)



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