Mid-week Ramblings

these photos are from a few weeks ago but were never posted so I thought I'd stick em in this post. :-)
-So I was super nervous about posting Idealistic Love but was overwhelmed by the kind comments and encouraging emails I received as a result! I take it that you want more posts like that? I am working on some already but I am open and looking for suggestions. So please leave what you'd like to see me write about in a comment. :)
-I watched The Hobbit and Les Miserables this week. Well that's kind of a lie, I couldn't make it through Les Mis! I had such high hopes and thought I'd enjoy it due to so many high reviews but it was just too much for me. I love musicals but, not that musical. Haha. Apologies to any readers who are fans, maybe some rainy day I'll give it another chance. :) The Hobbit was good, I'm not a huge LOTR lover but it was still enjoyable! Loved the scenery and I thought it had a lot of humor which made it better.
-I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm like 90% sure I'm going to cut my hair short. Ok scratch that, short for me is like, anything shorter than my shoulder blades, so I guess that's more like medium! I've always had long hair, I love having long hair. But I think I want something fresh. Maybe it's just because I'm in a fashion/beauty rut right now. :-/ I don't know if it is a postpartum thing, a new mom thing, or just a winter blues thing. I've just been feeling a bit blah and lost when it comes to my style anymore so I think I'm ready to start finding it again. I just ordered a bunch of new makeup from Avon, scheduled a hair cut for next week and maybe I'll do a little wardrobe shopping while I'm at it. So I'm excited and hoping to get out of this blah spot soon.
-I'm making plans to host a blog party and fashion event this summer! It's been over 2 years since I'm hosted an event so I think it's high time to have another. I'm thinking sometime around June? Not to hot, not to cold, sounds like a good time for a fashion event. :) I'll be planning giveaways as well so if you'd be interested in donating a prize let me know! My email is maireloves (at) gmail (dot) com.
-I think Maria is starting to teeth. :( She's been running a low fever, drooling more than usual, and super cranky. She just wants to be held, which makes it hard to get things done, but we are managing. Luckily my joints are feeling great this week with minimal pain so that makes it loads easier! God is good and knows just what we need doesn't he?
-I would love to think spring is coming, the weather has been lovely! But sadly I've been around long enough to know its just the usual false alarm to get you all hyped up and let you down. Oh well, spring will come eventually! Until then I'll just enjoy my sunny days!

-Well that's enough ramblings from me, hope that you are all having a great week, staying healthy and happy. :-) Until next time..... XO, Marie


  1. Maria is so sweet! And she's getting so big!

    I just got a hair cut, too. I like long hair but with my hair being curly, it can look pretty flat and limp when it gets too long. A new do does help in the fashion department!

  2. Hahaa funny thing about you getting your hair cut short, cuz I'm dying to get mine cut too! I want it shorter, like an inch above my shoulders, and have it a bit shorter in the back and getting longer in the front, with a deep part and side swept bangs. :) lol I can't wait to see what you look like with shorter hair! I'm sure you'll so pretty.


  3. I got my hair cut short (chin length) last year after having it long for years. It felt quite scary, but I've been loving it! You'll definitely have to post pictures of your cut!


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