March is Here Already?

March 1st. Weird, right? I still feel like the year just began. I mean, it kind of did but it is just crazy that it is going by so fast. I managed to get out of the house all day yesterday to do some shopping, it was fun but wore me out! Guess I'm not used to long days! :) It's also another reminder that I'm not just not normal, even simple things become difficult with RA. March is the invisible illness (auto-immune) month so I'm going to try to do a few more posts on living with a chronic disease to help spread awareness. I'll probably start posting about spring fashion this month also. And if there is something you'd like to see me post about on the blog, please let me know. I love suggestions! :-) Here are some snapshots from the last few days.

{I'm such an Avon addict!! Getting ready to put in a spring order. yay!}
{March 1st. Ahhh.}
{Shopping with Auntie}
{Mommy wants a picture but baby is too busy to pose! ^_^}
{A clear day = beautiful view of the distant mountains.}
{Daddy getting a chance to feed Maria. So cute! ^_^}

Well there you have it. Wishing everyone a happy March 1st and here is to a wonderful month ahead!
Marie Danielle


  1. Oh my goodness I can not believe its March 1st already!!!!!! Well spring will officially be here in like 19 days!!!!! Yayy! Hopefully warmer weather will come here soon!

    Those pictures are precious!


  2. Looks like you had a fun day shopping! I love her little hat!


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