Jeans + Cardigan {what I wore}

As a mom, my new wardrobe is mostly jeans and tee shirts. It is partially due to being busy and dressing practically, but honestly I think it is my own laziness too. But I'm trying to work out of that funk and at least add cardigans, scarfs, or other accessories to jazz it up! Today, I even belted my cardigan, and put on a cute headband on. ^_^ Blush, mascara and lipstick always make me feel prettier and better about myself, and it only takes a minute, so I'm trying to make an effort to put it on every day. A small thing but it makes a big difference! At least for me. :)
Grey cardigan // Cindy Crawford for C&A. Bootcut Jeans // Kenvelo. Black Flats, Turquoise Scarf, Black Belt, Earrings // all gifts. Pink Flowered Headband // Meli Melo. 
I used self timer and this was the best focus I could get, I'm sorry because I know it isn't the best quality! I thought it would be alright for today though. I'll try to do better next time! And the barn isn't probably the classiest place for fashion photos ^_^ but the lighting was nice and soft, so I went for it!
Here is more detailed photo of my headband. I bought it years ago and it was stuck in the bottom of my dresser for the longest time, I have no idea why! Isn't it pretty? Makes me feel feminine. :-) Don't mind my hair, it's a messy bun kind of day for me! Well I hope you enjoyed my first post back into outfit sharing, believe it or not I'm kind of nervous? Not sure why. My body has definitely changed post baby, and while I feel much better in my more filled out form, it is still a big change for me and I'm still learning how to dress it to look good. So I supposed I'm still just a little self conscience. Wishing everybody a lovely week and be back later on this week for more posts coming up soon!

P.S. Like the new blog design? Let me know what you think! I'm also starting to change things over to "Arielle" vs "Marie" so I hope it won't be too confusing. In some cases you'll see I wrote "Arielle a.k.a. Marie Danielle" to help ease the switch. I don't want you to not know who I am. ^_^


  1. I love the new blog design and I'm so glad you're doing fashion posts again!!! They're my favorite posts :) Your headband is so cute!!!

  2. I loove the new blog design, and your outfit, and actually I LOVE that you did you pictures in the barn!!! It gave them pics a more rustic, homey feel. haha


  3. You look fantastic dear! :D Adore that headband. Haha, lot's of my nice things get buried too. And don't feel discouraged or nervous sweetie. I'm sure being a new mom has lot's of adjustments and changes...try to be patient with yourself and just enjoy that little monkey of yours. :) I'm praying for you. <3

    Lovely new blog design! Adore that header. (I have a thing for hearts). ;)

  4. You look amazing, Arielle, as does your new blog design too! <3

  5. You look gorgeous dear.... Love the outfit, and I am excited to see more outfit post from you! Oh, and the blog design is so stinkin adorable. I wish I knew how to do a banner like that.

    Much love,


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