It's Saturday

I wake up to the sound of rain falling outside my window and soft light filters through my lace curtains. Maria is snuggled close to my side, swaddled warmly in her pink blanket. I watch expressions dance across her face as she is still deep in dreamland. Embracing the silence around me, I take a moment to reflect on all of the blessings in my life. God has dealt so graciously with me and I don't deserve any of it! The rain starts to slow, and as I listen to the birds I realize that spring is (hopefully) around the corner. Easter, picnics, hiking, weekend trips, warm weather, seeing things bloom and grow...I really enjoy spring and look forward to sharing it this year with my daughter! Creeping out of bed so as not to wake Maria, I slip on something warmer, jeans and one of my husbands sweatshirts looks perfect. I dash outdoors to give my husband a good morning kiss and ask how the animals are doing. Someone threw a rock at one of our dogs the other day and his leg looks damaged, so the vet is coming out to check on him later on in the afternoon. I despise nothing more that people being cruel to animals, especially mine! Running back inside I turn on the tea kettle and go back upstairs to check on the baby. Still sleeping like an angel! Taking advantage of the time I give myself a quick pedicure (silvery purple if you must know) and start cleaning our room. Usually I'd turn on some cheerful music but today I'm just enjoying the peaceful silence. Dan finishes his chores and brings up my cup of tea (english breakfast!!) along with some leftover pie to share and coffee for him. We flip on some cartoons and eat breakfast together, it feels like Saturday now! Maria wakes up and joins us on the couch, happy to have her daddy home on the weekend. As I watch them laugh and interact with each other, I finish my tea and think to myself how blessed we are. I love them with all of my heart and feel so loved in return. I didn't plan or expect any of this, but right now I feel so content, I know this is where I am meant to be. I wish every morning could be Saturday morning, and just like this one. XO, Marie


  1. Beautiful words! It sounds like a lovely start to your Saturday.

  2. Wow Marie you could be a writer!! You definitely have a simple but lovely way with words! Your Saturday sounds so peaceful and relaxing!!! Have a wonderful day!!


  3. Lovely post, a wonderful way to remember a quiet morning. I actually just posted about my Saturday as well (here)... a little late in the day. :)
    ~ Nina


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