Dealing With Lonliness

To follow up on my homesick post yesterday, I feel like I need to find a way to handle all that. On top of feeling lonely I feel like I don't know who I am anymore. Life has really changed for me in many ways in the past 5 years and it has left me a little overwhelmed and lost. I've gone through this sort of thing before and I'm smart enough to know to be careful, it can quickly spiral down into depression. So here are just some thoughts I jotted down in my journal this morning on my current situation and ideas on how to improve it. I think this post is probably more for myself than anything else. Sometimes it really helps me to just get it out!!
-you are SO blessed! Look around you and count all the ways God has blessed your life. Things could be so much worse, try to dwell on what is positive in your life today!

-set aside time to spend with God. I've never felt lonely while reading my Bible. For future lonely moments: pick up your Bible, let The Lord give you peace!

-talk about it. Keeping things inside just makes it worse. It's ok to be homesick. It's ok to have a good cry. Let it out. You'll feel so much better afterwards!

-launch yourself into the friendships you have, even if it is a long distance kind. Write emails more often, use Skype, chat up a friend on Facebook, send a postcard sometime. To have friends, be more friendly! Make the most of what you DO have, instead of focusing on all the things you WISH you had.

-find something you love, and make time to do it. Being a mom sometimes feels like a mom is the only thing I am. I can still do other things, I just need to be more proactive in making time for it!

-everyone feels lost sometimes. Life is so full of change, isn't it? It's normal to feel overwhelmed, be confused, and even a little lost. Instead of hating the rut you're in, start a journey to figure out who you are now. It doesn't matter who you were then, and it's okay if you are different now!

-it is never too late for a fresh start. Do you ever get the feeling that it is just too late? Well, until I'm dead, it is NOT too late! Stop feeling like you've already lost, and try again tomorrow.
Have you ever felt lost or lonely? How do you deal with feelings like this?


  1. These are powerful truths! I went through a long period where there were no friends near me. My closest friends lived an hour away, and we just couldn't see each other that often. But the Lord really used that time in my life to draw me closer to Him and to develop relationships with older and younger women that I may not otherwise have developed. I'm praying for you!

  2. I usually see the loneliness coming on and, like you, I turn towards things that will surely fill me up again. Things like: my blessings journal (where I count the blessings HE so greatly gives), spending time in the Word, making an effort to talk to my dear-heart long distance friends who mean the world to me, and trying my best to see that God has me in the current life-season I'm in for a reason beyond my understanding. So...You're definitely on the right track, as far as I'm concerned! ;)


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