Confessions + Ramblings

-this photo ^^ is a few months old. I dug it up this morning and couldn't believe how much she's grown! Wahhh, babies really do grow up fast.

-nail polish on my fingernails makes me feel 500% better about myself. Even if said nails are really chipped and therefore super tacky and unprofessional.

-note to self: put your eye makeup on after you blow dry your hair to avoid the melted look. It's not a good look.

-baby giggles are *the* best sound in the world. It's the sunshine in my day!

-grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe will always be a winner. She knew what was up in the kitchen, that lady. I'm pretty sure my sister and I just devoured a whole batch in like two days.

-and I may or may not have just eaten a whole batch of apple cinnamon pancakes all by my lonesomes.(okay I gave my husband ONE) Hey I'm a breastfeeding mom, I need food! ^_^

-yay for discovering new, free apps for my phone and iPad to waste time with. Icomania, Frame Swagg, Brit + Co...I love finding free apps that are awesome. Have you downloaded any apps recently?

-thanks for the overwhelming response to my readers survey! I appreciate your opinions and it really helps me get to know all of you better. If you haven't gotten a chance to take it yet, here is a link that will take you to it. I'll be posting later on in the week to discuss the results!!

-that's all my random confessions and musings for today! Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday! :)

XO, Arielle

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  1. I agree, nursing mothers need all the food they can get!



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