Avon Review

I have always been a fan of Avon products. The quality is great, they are always up to date on new trends and techniques, it's a reliable company and affordable to boot! My husband teases me about it because I tend to be a cheapskate, I love finding good deals. But hey, just because a product is cheap in price doesn't mean the quality is poor! And Avon is proof of that. :) I just made a Spring order and while some of it didn't come through (communication error, I ordered through a friend of a friend of my mother-in-law! ^_^ haha) I thought I'd share what I did get.
Their eyeshadow quads are probably my favorite product, I've been using them for years and have yet to be disappointed. If I want them more pigmented I just use a wet brush. I love palettes, they are just so easy. I can just grab one for the look I want and all the shades I need are in one spot. I am trying the "smokey eye" quad and am looking forward to experimenting with some new looks. The silvers in this palette are really beautiful, I think they'll be fun to play with. :-)
I have been needing some new foundation and was interested in trying a beauty balm as they are so popular right now. I hate buying foundation from a catalog as the shade is always kind of a guessing game! But I enlisted my moms help and think I did pretty good choosing the color to match my skin tone. It's a thinner texture than I'm used to but it goes on rather smooth. It blends in well and I thought it was the perfect amount of coverage for me! Not the best I've ever used but I'd buy it again!
This is the glimmer stick eyeliner in starry night blue. I've been dying to try navy eyeliner as I've seen it looks so good with brown eyes. The shade of dark blue is perfect with a little shimmer and really makes my eyes pop! It's super creamy (better than a pencil but easier IMO than liquid) and goes on smoothly, I love it and will probably buy more in additional colors.
This was not something I needed, just something fun I wanted to try! It's supposed to be a 2-1 that can be used as lip liner or all over color. I don't use liner but I love lipstick! I usually stay pretty safe with colors but this time I went for a bright red which is crazy for me. Ok it goes on kind of weird, it's a little drier than I'm used to, but I usually apply lip balm before anyway so it's not a big issue. It's more of a lip stain, which I love because you don't have to reapply it too often throughout the day! Hubby thought the bright color was cute on me and I felt pretty all day. ^_^ hehe. Overall it sold me on bright lip color and I am looking forward to buying more!
I wasn't paid to review this or anything. Just wanted to show my mini haul and let you know what I loved!! :-)

Have you ever used Avon? What products do you love?


  1. I've never tried Avon, but the eyeliner and eyeshadows you got look awesome! That's great that they sell it overseas, too!

  2. I have pretty much grown up around Avon stuff!! My mom's been using it all her life I swear!! haha When I was really young, around five I think, my mom sold Avon to people. I remember going door to door in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun! :) I have never thought of using a wet brush with eyeshadow. Does it make it stay on longer?? I get all my eyeliner from Avon! I love the palette you picked out - so springy and cheerful!! And maybe someday I'll be bold and try a dark blue eyeliner for my hazel eyes. haaha



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