Stay At Home Date Night {details}

So yesterday I talked about staying home for date night, and shared some ideas with you that are on my list to do soon. Now, I want to mention some details that I've found to make date night at home more special.

- Use candles! They make everything more romantic. If you are looking for a good place to shop, check out Ikea! They have a lot of beautiful yet affordable candles and holders.
- Dress up! Not saying you have to wear heels, but you know those comfy cartoon character pajamas that are fraying? Yeah, those aren't allowed. Put a little effort in your looks, your spouse will be appreciative. :)
- Put your phone away. And iPad. Or whatever other form of technology you use. Spend time with your spouse one on one, focus on each other!
- Clean up ahead of time! Pick up clutter, vacuum/sweep, put away the laundry, etc. A messy house is distracting!
- Turn the stereo on! Music can change the mood of the room and is a great way to relax. Another fun idea is to take turns picking song to play on YouTube! My husband and I do this often and it's a good way to discover each others tastes and find shared favorites.
- Hang some white light up and turn all other lights off. It adds a romantic glow and a relaxing atmosphere.

Any other tips to add? Please share!

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