Snapshots from Last Week

My new favorite tea...Vanilla Caramel! So delish.
Such a little ham! She loves making poochy lip faces, she thinks they are funny. 
Warming up next to the stove on a cold and snowy afternoon.
I hate pistachios. But they are soooo addictive, I can't stop eating them once I start. Do you have a food like that?
My favorite pair of people! ^_^
Sugar cookies I made for Valentine's Day. :-) I used this recipe and it was amazing! Super fluffy and soft. Yum.
Me and monkey lou. She is obsessed with her fingers right now, they are always in her mouth!

Well thats all for now, hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Monkey Lou????? That is sooo adorable! Is that really a nickname for Maria??? I love it!!! And those cookies - you did a great job decorating them!!


  2. What cute pictures! The vanilla caramel tea sounds yummy, if only I can get past the fact that it's Lipton!


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