My Favorite Baby Items {newborn-4 months}

Favorite Baby Things 0-4 Months

Nuk pacifiers - all babies are different, but these are Maria's favorite and didn't hinder her learning to breast fed in the first month either which was nice.

Freddie the Firefly by Lamaze - my mom bought this for Maria, and it is her favorite toy by far! It's very versatile, I can hang it on her gym or car seat, it's the perfect size and not too heavy for little hands. There are lots of fun textures/colors/etc on it, that make it interesting and entertaining. Lamaze has other versions too, I'm planning on buying her the mermaid or peacock next. :)

Sleepers + sets by Carter's - I have a lot of clothes, used and new, from Carter's and they've all been wonderful! Great quality, they wash up good, and I love being able to mix and match the sets. They are also super cute! I love all the nice colors and adorable designs. They run a lot of great sales online and are very affordable as well.

H&M nursing tanks and crossover tops - the tanks are high enough to cover modestly and I love that they have a little extra length as well! Also with adjustable straps, a nice bonus. Love the tops, they are basic but a must have! Great fit, versatile and come clean easily. :-) I couldn't find a link online to the tank, but you can probably find them in store.

Sleepy Sounds app - I downloaded this free on iTunes and use the white noise setting every night. It helps drown out all the other little noises and helps me get to sleep too! :) I like this app better than others because you can time it or have itplay continuous, and you can also use other apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod without it quitting.

Playmat/Gym - mine is from a brand in Europe called Canpol but there are lots of these mats out there that are great! Maria has really enjoyed hers so much already. It's entertaining and will keep her occupied for a long time! Mine has little rings that hold the hanging toys, so I can change them out with other toys with rings which is nice!

Earth Mommy Angel Baby products - I was given the postpartum recovery and breastfeeding kits and have loved them both! It definitely eased my transition into BF and was helpful in healing after birth. I highly recommend their products to new moms, they are an all natural and organic company too so that's awesome!

Pacifier wipes by Munchkin Arm & Hammer - I use these allllll the time. So handy for wiping down pacifiers, toys, bottles and other things your baby comes in contact with a lot.


These are just a few favorite things I've used in the first 4 months! Thought I would share them for any other new moms out there looking for products to invest in. :-)

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  1. All those things are soooo adorable!!!!



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