20 Things I Love About My Husband

1. He still gives me butterflies.
2. He plays my favorite songs.
3. He loves our baby girl! Watching them interact with each other is so beautiful.
4. He is incredibly determined and never gives up. This continues to impress me!
5. He makes realllly good hot chocolate. And hot tea. Drinks in general. He's a pro.
6. He calls me angel. Any time he finds feathers on me he says "see? I told you!" ^_^
7. He sings so nice in church!
8. He takes the trash out, empties the laundry hamper, and washes the dishes regularly. Without be asked. Or even hinted at. I think I'll keep him! ^_^
9. He holds my hand a lot. I like that.
10. He isn't too proud to apologize.
11. He is generous and thoughtful!
12. He looks good whether he is mucking out stalls in $10 rubber boots, or taking me out on the town in his Dolce & Gabbana jeans.
13. He is multi lingual. He is like my own personal translating program. Way cool.
14. He accepts my crazy American self. I know it's probably embarrassing for him sometimes. I'm pretty American, I have to admit.
15. He doesn't laugh at my romanian, he lies and says I'm good. I'm ok with that.
16. He isn't picky. Especially about food. That's a good thing if you're a bad cook like I am!
17. He makes me so proud. He just does.
18. He accepts my arthritis and tries to help out in any way he can. Even small things like opening bottles. He knows its hard for me and I appreciate him noticing.
19. He has the best smile. He really does!
20. He loves me just the way I am. Even with my jiggly postpartum body, dressed more often than not in flannel pajamas with dirty hair. Even with the crazy mood swings, hormones, sleepless nights with a crying baby and sometimes a crying me. He still makes me feel like a queen and the most special, beautiful girl in the world. ^_^ He really loves me and I'm incredibly in love with him too.XO,



  1. Aw, this is so beautiful, Arielle! I love you two- feel free to post about your husband/marriage anytime. I can tell that you are still completely in love, and he seems perfect for you.

  2. Oh, and I've always thought that you two are adorable together. ^^

  3. Okay this was soooo adorable!!!! :) You're blessed girly!! And I LOVE that picture of the two of you! So cute.


  4. ^^^That picture is soooo adorable:-) And you have such a beautiful marriage<3 You should do a post about your wedding day;-)



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