10 Stay At Home Date Ideas

When reading marriage tips and advice, one thing of importance that couples always mention, is date night. Well to be honest, my husband and I weren't good at this prior to being parents, and while living in the city! We managed to get out once in a while to go see a movie, occasionally go out for dinner, or more often than not....stop off at the local coffee/bakery after grocery shopping. But that's about the extent of it. We also had a long term of unemployment in our first year of marriage that was hard on our wallets, so date night just wasn't high on our list of priorities. Fast forward to now, we're currently living in a small village in the country, and parents of a infant baby girl. Not to mention, it's in the middle of winter. And Romania gets a cold winter, believe me. So now even more than before, date night is just difficult. It doesn't really happen. But I'm on a mission to change that. I'd really like to dedicate one night a week for us time. Even if we have to stay indoors, even though we have an infant. I'd like to think it is still possible and try to make it happen. So if anyone out there is in a position like me and you'd like some ideas, here is a list I wrote down of easy, affordable, stay at home dates for husband and I this winter.

1. Make popcorn and watch a movie together. Something you both like (if not take turns choosing?) and no other media/technology allowed! Who wants to watch a movie with someone if they are focused on their phone or iPad the whole time? So snuggle up on the couch like you love each other, and enjoy a good movie!
2. Play the Wii together. We like the plain old Sports Resort, I don't know why we don't play more often! Make it fun by giving the winner a prize; breakfast in bed, a massage...whatever floats your boat. :)
3. Play the newlywed game! We've never done it before so I'm planning on us doing it soon. Looks fun! Dating Diva's has a free printable version you can check out here.
4. Pull out a board game. Monopoly is my favorite, I have a brand new version in Romanian that has never been opened...I think it would be perfect for a long date night!
5. As far as games, there are lots of options! How about a simple card or dice game? They are so easy and can be really fun when played with your spouse. :)
6. Puzzles are a good slow option if you're just up for some conversation and company. I've always wanted to frame a finished puzzle, maybe I'll put that on my bucket list for the year!
7. Watch a TV show together. My husband and I both enjoy a lot of the same shows and enjoy going through past seasons! Last year we went through Heroes, this year we might go through Lost.
8. Indulge in a little gourmet. Pick up small amounts of special cheeses to try, along with crackers, a baguette, fresh grapes and something fancy to drink. If cheese isn't your thing, how about fancy ice cream that you usually wouldn't spring for?
9. Go through a couples devotional or challenge together. I'm getting ready to order The Love Dare and A Couple After God's Own Heart, and am so looking forward to spending some quality spiritual time with my husband!
10. Have an indoor picnic by putting a blanket on the floor. (I really want to do this!) You could make it as gourmet or simple as you wish! Just be sure to include a deliciously dessert. :)

Do you have any stay at home date night ideas?

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