My January

Winter has hit Romania hard at last, it's been dry but extremely cold, most days lately we are lucky to get above 0! A few sunshiny days throughout the week, but for the most part pretty grey and dreary. My husband is still on Christmas vacation since he works at a schools, and they get a lot of time off for the holidays here in Romania. So it's been nice having him around more often! Maria has been super grumpy all week, so honestly I've been spending probably at least 50% of my day in the recliner where I am sitting now as I type this post on my phone! I feel so incredibly lazy, taking care of a newborn is pretty demanding, as I am starting to learn. It's kind of frustrating to not get anything done and to not have any kind of schedule. But when I start getting overwhelmed and at the stage where I want to freak out, I just try to remind myself that she'll only be this little once and time will fly by real fast. I need to enjoy this tiny stage of her life while it is here! Someday she'll probably be a lot happier in everyone else's arms so I should be happy she wants me so much now, right? :-) So for now I'm okay (or trying to learn to be ok!) with chilling in this recliner with my baby girl. Even if it means doing all my typing on a smartphone and my biggest accomplishment of the day being a made up bed. And I did get dressed today in something other than jeans. So that's pretty awesome too. ^_^ With the weather how it is right now, life pretty much stops outside of the house so I'm trying to find enjoyable things to do indoors with the family, besides watching TV! Am I the only one who gets really tired of watching TV? Tonight I'm thinking a board game. It's been too long since I've done something fun like that. :-) Wishing everyone a warm Thursday evening!


  1. I get tired of TV too. Board Games are so much fun! I love any kind of game. One of our favorites is Dutch Blitz. It's a card game and more fun with lots of players.

    Enjoy your baby! She is the sweetest little thing!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I love the first one especially--so darling!

  3. So glad you have your first baby!It's a quite demanding time esp for the first one.I raised 3 and the first one was the most difficult.I wasn't feeling myself .But it's the closest you will ever be with your baby.

  4. Okay sooo your baby girl is sooo precious and I just wanna cuddle with her! I also love your outfit in the first pic, and your outfit in the last pic. And that close up pic of Maria is sooo darling!! :) Enjoy the time with your sweety, because it'll go by fast! I also love the pic of Dan and Maria. So sweet. :)



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