Grey + Mommy Style {Polyvore}

Postpartum has changed my body quite a bit, in a good way, but definitely changed. (um, I have hips now? whatttt?) Those changes have brought on a big style shift for me as well. I'm finding that styles I formally loved don't look as good on me anymore, and opposite, now I can wear styles that used to not fit right! Plus I'm exclusively breastfeeding Maria, so now I'm having to take that into consideration when choosing tops, it has to be easy access. ^_^ It has resulted in some frustrating shopping trips, but I'm slowly getting used to the new body, and I'm sure that eventually it will feel like mine again. :-) On a different note, I'm sooo into grey right now. That's not really anything new (ha!) but once again I find myself gravitating towards anything grey! It has always been a favorite color of mine in my wardrobe, it just works for me.


I have started getting a lot of tops like that one ^^ they are cute, relaxed, and a good way to do baggy in a classy way. 

Drape-y tees (usually under a cardigan) are awesome for me right now, I love this striped one, isn't it cute?

I love easy outfits that can be dressed up or down. This one looks perfect for a SAHM like me. :-)
What is your go-to color in your wardrobe?


  1. So pretty! My go-to color would be black. With a black t-shirt you can add a colorful cardigan. Or if you have a blouse just add a tank with color.

  2. I'm praying for you, Arielle. :) I hope that everything in your life is evening out and that you are loving life with your husband who clearly adores you and your beautiful little girl. :)

    Very cute outfits! My go-ti color is probably purple. :) It's my favorite color, and it looks great with my skin tone/ hair color/eyes, so I wear it whenever I can. :)

  3. My go-to color would be black or blue, but grey is quite pretty to :)

  4. I love how casual but dressy, and classy all these outfits are!!! I don't think I can pick a favorite. hahaah and I LOVE grey too! I need to get more grey.... I wear black a lot, because it goes with everything. But grey is a wonderful alternative.



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