Golden Beginnings {Polyvore}

Class {holiday edition}

Little black dresses never go out of style. Paired with other classics, and you have a perfect ladylike outfit.
Believe {Holiday Edition}

I am loving tops with drape in them right now. They are very forgiving to a postpartum body and still look awesome. I can't get away with wearing necklaces right now with an infant who has grabby hands, but isn't this one to die for?
Shine {Holiday Edition}

I have been looking for a sequin top to add to my wardrobe for awhile now and have yet to have any luck. But this one is really beautiful! The cut and style are amazing.

How do you feel about gold?

1 comment:

  1. I haven't always been a gold lover, but recently I've fallen for it. :) I need to get me some gold anything, for winter and for summer!! :)



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