2013 {i choose to live}

Live. That is the word I choose for 2013. Days pass by so quickly, they soon turn into weeks, then months, eventually years. Looking back, I want to see that I truly lived my life, rather than just existing. I have such a bad habit of procrastinating. Oh, I make plans, I'm good at making plans...but rarely do I follow through with them. I disappoint myself too much. I wait for these great moments in life, when I should be the one taking control and making those great moments happen. No more waiting, no more going through the motions just to get through another day. Life shouldn't be about survival. Sometimes, it is. But it should be so much more! I don't want to end this year, and say that I survived it. I want to make memories, I want to live! So this year, I am making some changes in my life. Every day I want to actually make a real effort to get things done. I want to enjoy my baby girl, laugh with my family, make memories, fall more in love with my husband. Looking back, I want to see 2013 as the year I chose to live.

I am looking forward {as always}, to see what this year will bring. I actually love January quite a lot. There is something so wonderful about new beginnings!

Welcome to 2013!


  1. Arielle, no way! *squeals* This is exactly the theme the girls at MOHL are doing for our challenge this year! {http://meditationsofhislove.blogspot.com/p/lets-live-it.html} Neat to see that it seems God is calling girls all over to "live" life more fully for Him in 2013. :) I pray the Lord gives you an amazing year with your new word and teaches you a lot!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Soo cool Marie!! :) I wanna do the same, too, live for Jesus, strengthen my relationship with Him, and live life to the fullest. YOLO! :)



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