2 Months Old {Maria}

Can you believe it? She is growing up so incredibly fast. I always heard moms talk about how fast babies grow, but until now I didn't realize just how true that is! So here we are at the 2 month mark and I can honestly say that things are going great. I'm "officially" past my post-partum recovery period. I'm feel really lucky that my body healed so quickly. During my pregnancy, most all of my arthritis pain (flares) stopped, which was a huge blessing. But unfortunately, it has come back hard and fast postpartum, and due to the fact that I went 9 months without any, the flares seem worse than they really are. In time I'll get used to the pain again, but for now I've been struggling a bit to be honest. Thankfully I have family nearby and Maria really is a good baby. She has her days where she gets really clingy and just wants to chill with me 24/7 but that's probably good for me since it gives me time to rest! I never even gave it a second thought, wanting to be a mom and having arthritis. But now that I am dealing with both, I'm realizing it isn't easy. For now I am trying to focus on one day at a time, and trusting God to give me the strength that I need to handle it all. :-) Back to Maria! For two months old she is advanced for her age, already has good neck control and is really active and strong. Last week she rolled from her back to tummy when I was changing her diaper....lucky we were on the floor to begin with, but it shocked me a bit! She is all full of smiles, especially when she wakes up in the   waiting to hear her laugh, so far we've only had slight giggles. :-) I think I'm finally reaching the point where I feel like a mom. Took me awhile, I know! But it's a big change and I guess it all just took it's time to settle in. I feel blessed beyond measure to have such a sweet little girl. I love her so much and love watching her grow. Well it is late here and I need to get to bed. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.


  1. what a precious little one! :) time sure does fly... my oldest sister just had a baby--but it's already been almost a month. :) beautiful pictures, Marie, and I'm praying for you! i'm sure you're a wonderful mommy. :)


  2. What a beautiful baby!! My baby sister is almost 10 months, and it feels like she's only a month or two old! Praying for relief of pain for you! I'm glad that you have the help you need and that your baby is being good to you!
    I can't get over how precious she is!

  3. Awww she is just too cute!! I can not believe its been 2 months already!!! :) Wow.


  4. What a sweet bundle of joy! I'll be praying for your pain.


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