End of the Week {Snapshots}

We got our first big snow this week and it is as beautiful as it always is! I love seeing the moody grey clouds in the sky and feeling the fresh crunch of snow under my boots. Plus, it really helps put you in the christmas mood! ^_^
This was taken 5 weeks postpartum, although now I'm nearly 6! I'm really shocked at how well my body recovered, both physically and in looks. I feel super lucky and it's good to be back into my old jeans again! :-)
Spent yesterday wrapping presents with my sister since we were home alone for the day, just us and the baby. :-) 
 I am absolutely horrible at wrapping gifts, a child could probably do better! But I still love it and have fun doing it every year. :-)
 Of course hot chocolate season is in full swing! Usually I'm partial to putting peppermint extract in my cocoa, but this year I'm loving cinnamon. Obviously marshmallows are a given!
 I am completely pathetic, but I still get super excited when I see Romania carrying new products that I'm familiar with. I discovered Crunch bars at Carrefour this week and already have a stash in the house! They come in dark chocolate too, so my sister can have them. (she is recently allergic to dairy!)
Baby girl is just full of smiles lately, she is starting to develop new faces and sounds...it's just adorable! I can't believe how quick she is growing up, time is going by so fast. 

Marie Danielle


  1. That last picture made my heart melt. :) I'm enjoying all the Christmasy, cozy things too.. and just today, we're finally getting our first snowflakes!

  2. Ok seriously that last picture just made me gasp and melt!! :)) She is sooooo presh.... wishing I could hold her so bad! :/

    Merry Christmas to you Marie, and your family!!


  3. Ah, she is ridiculously gorgeous. :)


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