December 5th {Snapshots}

Finally got around to putting the family Christmas tree up today. My sister and I did it together as usually and it was lots of fun! It was snowing pretty hard throughout the entire day so it made it feel festive and perfect. :-)
Christmas decor is the best, isn't it? It always lifts my spirits to see everything looking so pretty. :-)
 I have a thing for crazy slippers and usually get a pair around christmas time. My husband brought these home today for me after work and I'm already running around the house with them. I glad my family loves me and my crazy bits too. :-)
 My live-in babysitter! Just kidding...although maybe she feels that way. Hopefully not! :-) My sister is an awesome aunt and helps out so much with the baby. Maria loves her back and I think they're going to be good buddies for life. 
 Maria is 1 month old today! So hard to believe. It's so much fun to see her grow and change. It's not easy being a mom, but I love this little blessing God put in my life and wouldn't change it for anything. ^_^
Yay! Finally a photo of the both of us. I'm so bad at getting pictures of her and me (and have YET to get one of our new little family!), I promise I'll try to do better! :-) Please excuse the lack of a makeup and a decent hairstyle. This is about as good as it gets lately! 



  1. So glad that you had fun decorating with your sister. :) Pretty decorations make everything better! :) Ah, Maria is so beautiful- those gorgeous eyes are killing me. ;) Can I hold her?

  2. I'm sooo jealous that its snowing in Romania!!!! And OHMYGOSH I can not believe that Maria is already ONE.MONTH.OLD!!! Holy cow where does time go!?!?!? Lovin the slippers, and that last picture of you and your baby girl. She definitley looks like you! :)


  3. Sounds like a fun day of decorating! ;) Maria is getting cuter by the day, and I adore those crazy slippers of yours. :D

    Haha, take care!

  4. Maria is such a cute baby and I love the picture of you two together. So sweet! I can't believe she's a month old already. How time flies.

    Decorating for Christmas is so much fun...especially when you have a sister to do it with. It's been pretty warm here today. I can't imagine snow like your having in Romania. (And I love your new slippers!)

  5. Already a month?!?!? Whaaat? Wow time flies!


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