Christmas {Two-Thousand-and-Twelve}

{hubby always gets me the best perfumes for Christmas! Dior? i think he's a keeper!}
{my newest Nicolas Sparks book! can't wait to start it and looking forward to the movie in February!}
{i can't get over this beautifully packaged soap. isn't it stunning?}
{since black cats are the only acceptable kind. obviously.}
{probably my favorite game ever. that's probably sad but hey, i'm just that type.}
{pompoms are the best winter accessory. hands down.}
{my new favorites.}
{the new Dior bottle fits in nicely with the rest of my collection, don't you think? and yes those are all from my husband. he likes buying me perfume....guess i don't mind either! hehe.}
{best movie of 2012. who else loved this?}
{i didn't get a poinsettia for Christmas. i accidentally uploaded the photo and thought it was pretty so here it is anyway!}

Christmas has already come and gone. Why does this season just fly by? Crazy to think 2013 is just around the corner. Anyhow. There is still time to talk about the upcoming year so I'll stick to Christmas. It was a really wonderful holiday for me this year. I love all the hurry and preparation for the big day. I love seeing my family laughing together. I love sitting down to dinner with the people I care for most. I love the feeling of relaxation and happiness. I love getting random, unexpected, thoughtful gifts. I love to sit and watch every else as they open theirs...I wish I could capture all that joy and put it in a bottle. Smiles. Laughter. Love. Peace. Family. This is my 3rd Christmas spent with my husband (2nd since we've been married) and it just gets better every year. He gets me perfume and other fancy things I'd never buy for myself (I scored a silk robe this year!). I get him all the everyday things he never buys (boring right? I sound like a really pathetic wife! lol), and all the things he would never ask for. Like Popeye DVD's. (No actually my sister beat me to that one before I could! lol. they are his favorite!) I end the day feeling completely spoiled and totally loved. I really do have the best family a girl could ask for. God has truly dealt graciously in my life, and I feel blessed to be able to share special holidays like this all together. This year we had a new addition, little Maria Gabriela. She slept most of the day away on her tummy under the Christmas tree, like the tiny angel she is. She is the best gift I've received all year. :-) Christmas always gives me hope. Hope in believing that I'll always have my family. Hope in the beautiful future ahead. Hope for happiness and peace...that it is possible, that it exists. It really is a season full of blessing and beauty. And this one? It was exactly what I needed. It restored my heart and gave me back a little bit of energy and inspiration that I've been so desperately needing lately. It was a wonderful holiday! :-)

How was Christmas at your house this year?


  1. I love that perfume! Christmas here was wonderful--the only way it could have been better is if we had snow! Did you have a white Christmas?

  2. My Christmas was great! I got to spend it with relatived we haven't seen in about a year and a half, so that was really fun!!! :)

    And it eventually snowed Christmas night, so we still kinda got a white Christmas!! haha



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