Arthritis Gift Guide For The Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and I keep seeing gift guides popping up all over the blog world! As I am shopping for my sister right now the idea came to mind that I could do a quick post on gift ideas for the people you know suffering from arthritis (or other chronic pain conditions also). As a young adult who suffers from the disease as well, a lot of these ideas come from personal experience…they might not apply to everyone out there as arthritis comes in many shapes and forms, but at least here are a few ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

Arthritis Gift Guide

1. Aromatherapy can be a very thoughtful gift for people with chronic conditions. No, it won't take the pain away, but it can help distract and relax. Bath and Body works has lovely aromatherapy items, from gift sets, candles, or individual pieces like bath salts or lotion. (www.bathandbodyworks.com)

2. Specialty tea or coffee is something special that many people love but rarely splurge on for themselves. A lot of arthritis sufferers that I know enjoy hot beverages, especially when it's cold outside! You could even turn it into a little gift set by including a cute coffee cup and/or other beverage related items! Keep in mind that many people with arthritis aren't able to have (or try to avoid) caffeine, so stay safe by choosing caffeine-free tea or coffee. Check out the grommet section of your grocery store, or visit a specialty shop to find the perfect one. 

3. A cozy blanket is a very practical idea and will definitely be used. Again, when the weather turns cold, those with arthritis need to stay warm! (Cold joints = stiff and painful joints!) Try to pick out something soft and comforting, fuzzy fleece blankets are my personal favorites for curling up in on bad days! This gift can be found in many places such as Target, Sears, J.C. Penny, or even in smaller trendy mall boutiques!

4. Arthritis awareness jewelry is something not only beautiful but meaningful as well. Blue is the ribbon color for arthritis awareness and there are a lot of lovely pieces out there that any girl would love wearing! Check out awareness stores online or handmade boutiques on Etsy. (Silverado Jewelry)

5. Microwavable heat bags are an arthritis sufferers best friend. Quick and easy, and extremely comforting. I honestly can't imagine not having mine! They can be used on all different joints and soothe all sorts of aches and pain. You can actually make these yourself if you know how to sew (super easy, a great beginners project!), they can be filled with corn, rice, or wheat (that's my personal favorite!). If sewing isn't your thing, you can also find beautiful handmade rice bags in many online boutiques. (Holly Works Kernel Kozi)

6. Half finger or fingerless gloves is the perfect gift that mixes practicality with fun! Not only a great addition to any girls accessory collection, fingerless gloves are very useful for people with arthritis. Keeping joints warm help keep them fluid and flexible. You can find fingerless gloves in many stores, making it an easy gift to find, and is usually very affordable as well!

7. Slippers are always a good gift idea during the cold season! Does anyone likes cold feet? For those with arthritis, wintertime can bring an onslaught of flares which means spending more time resting at home and spending more time in slippers. Turn this into an easy gift set by adding a pair of socks, nail polish, and a rejuvenating foot scrub! Fun, easy, and something useful for a girl struggling with chronic pain. (www.hm.com)

8. Everyone loves to relax, no? For those who live with chronic pain, relaxation is even more vital and important! How about giving your loved one a certificate or voucher to a local spa for a massage or other relaxing treatment suited to their liking? (Check out Massage Envy for spa's that specialize towards arthritis!)


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  1. Great list Arielle! This is such a good idea. I have carpal tunnel and all these idea's work well with anyone with any kind of muscles aches and pains, really. :) I use rice bags all the time and those are always a favorite gift for me to give to anyone.

    Love in Christ & Merry Christmas!


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