31 Days of December in Photos {Pt. 2}

9. Something You're Reading.
{Just downloaded the kindle app this week so I've been enjoying that! It's such a handy way to get some reading in while I'm feeding the baby or rocking her to sleep. Right now I'm reading a book on arthritis. Boring but relatable for me. So I'm enjoying it.}
10. Wrapping Paper.
{Wrapping paper is so photogenic! It was hard to choose just one picture.}
11. Green.
{That's the house across the street. And a little gypsy kid with a santa hat that was running up and down the street all day!}
12. A Beautiful Sight.
{My baby girl. Always a beautiful sight! To me at least!}
13. Family.
{So blessed to have a wonderful sister. She is my best friend and is gonna be a great aunt to Maria!}
14. Christmas Tree.
{I love how the tree looks at night, all light up! It's just one of the things that makes Christmas so magical.}
15. Favorite Holiday Song.
{This changes weekly, but currently I'm loving this song! lol.}


  1. Babies are always beautiful sights. And I love the lights on the Christmas tree! My cousins and I and my sisters had a 'slumber party' Monday night next to the lit up tree. So fun!! :)


  2. Awwww! I love the picture of Aunt and Niece!!! So cute!


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