31 Days of December in Photos {Pt. 1}

At the beginning of this month I started a photo challenge for the first time. I've been dying to complete a photo challenge like this forever, so I'm happy to finally have gotten around to doing one! :-)  Of course December is such a beautiful month and very inspiring with the holidays going on, so I'm having a easy time getting all the shots. I decided to share the photos I'm taking on the blog so I'll be posting them in sets throughout the month. :-) Here is one-eight, stay tuned for nine-fifteen soon!

1. Your view today.
{my precious sweetheart!}
2. Favorite holiday movie.
{White Christmas! It's family tradition!}
3. Red.
{more like a pinkish red, oh well.}
4. Joyous.
{do happy snowmen count?}
5. Today's Temperature.
{way too cold, but I love it anyway!}
6. Shopping.
{all done! now I just have to help my dad finish shopping for my mom! hehe}
7. Bright.
{When I open the curtains every morning now, I'm greeted with crazy brightness from all that white snow. It's beautiful!}
8. Ornament.
{My mom's favorite!}


  1. Beautiful pictures, Marie! My family and I enjoy watching "White Christmas" each year too. :)

  2. White Christmas is my favorite holiday movie, as well! :) And Marie just gets more gorgeous every day.

  3. Okay I've decided I'm moving to Romania, cuz you guys actually get snow in the winter, unlike Ohio, who doesn't. Depressing I tell ya. :/

    And that sweetheart of yours is so presh. Wish I could hold her! :)


  4. Wonderful pics! Merry Christmas!


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