31 Day of December {Pt. 3}

16. Outside Christmas Lights.
This is the only photo not taken this year! I haven't been out at night at all this year. Tragic!
17. Presents.
I could take pictures of presents all day. They are very photogenic.
18. Stocking.
My sister gets credit for letting me borrow her arm for this photo. :-)
19. Candy Canes.
Strange fact: Candy canes only come fruit flavored in Romania.
20. Tree Topper.
21. Peace.
Maria sleeps like an angel...she is my peace!
22. Tradition.
What would Christmas be without a little mistletoe? ^_^
23. Scarf.
I've had this one over 4 years and it is still a favorite! :-)

1 comment:

  1. I like your tree topper! Its very pretty. And fruit flavored candy canes do not sound appealing, but I would be willing to give one a try. haha



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