2012 {Looking Back}

Two thousand and twelve was a difficult year for me. Much like the year before it. It was a year where I found myself asking God why, time after time. Finances, health, family...it just seemed like one thing after another. It was a tense year, relaxing is the farthest word in my mind when looking back and remembering it all! Overall, I supposed it could all be summed up rather simply in one word, stressful. It wasn't an easy year, but God was very gracious with my husband and I and we made it through. :-) of course 2012 wasn't all bad! It was also a blessed year, and one to remember. Maria Gabriela, our beautiful daughter, was born in November. Being a parent is so special, the responsibility is overwhelming but the feeling when I look at her is incredible. All in all, God has continued to be so good to Dan and I, I am so thankful for what he has done for us! We are truly blessed. So to round up today, I though I'd share some favorite posts from 2012. :-)

And did a short two part series on how to love

Told you a little more about Marie!
Bragged on my husband and all the sweet little things he does
Ended it with a memorable Valentine's Day with my husband!

Shared some highs + lows
Posted photos sharing a trip to the local market

And told you all about the first trimester
Celebrated 400 posts by sharing some blog tips
Wrote about an unknown future
And enjoyed a 2nd Easter with my husband :-)

Learned to start letting go
Bragged about my mom
Had one of those moments, where you just feel blessed
Started a 15x15 remix!

Talked about going out on dates
Showed you the fortress of Rasnov
Shared wedding photos of my husband & I...and some wedding day details!
Reminisced about our honeymoon in Greece

Missed America a little bit
Took a fun picnic for the 4th of July
Showed you a little bit of Romanian countryside
Said goodbye to my husband as he left for England
Struggled with missing him, but realized I wasn't alone!
Wore a favorite maternity outfit and prayed for rain
And happily welcomed my husband home when plans changed

Started my third trimester!
Wrote a 3 part series on arthritis, a disease I live with

Took a birthday picnic with friends
Celebrated my 21st birthday!
Took a road trip
Learned that sometimes it's okay
And started a 30 day blog challenge

I shared some thoughts on marriage
How much things have changed in the past 2 years

We survived the first week at home :)
I shared some thoughts on family
And what it felt like being a mommy
Shared more thoughts, this time on modesty
And talked about learning to not be selfish

Shared random thoughts on the first of the month
Participated in a photo challenge
Made a specialized gift guide for those with arthritis
And wrote about my Christmas

Well that's all for now. :-) Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a safe holiday!
See you in 2013!

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