Thoughts on Family {30 Day Challenge}

I'm going to continue and try to finish up my 30 day blogging challenge this week! :-) So today we're talking about family. I love my family. They mean the world to me and I would be totally lost without them. To be honest they are indeed my closest friends. The past few years have been tough as we've gone through many changes, but God is gracious and I'm so blessed to still have such a close family who were able to make it through each and every trial we've faced in the past.  Here are some thoughts that came to mind today, while thinking on the subject!! Feel free to add your own thoughts on family in the comments. :-)

{Learn To Forgive}
Holding onto past wrongs will only make you bitter inside, which in turn effects your relationships with those around you. God has forgiven you, learn to forgive others.

{Be Gracious}
Grace, it is a difficult character trait isn't it? Yet one so important when it comes to family. We all make mistakes, say things we don't mean, have bad days, act on impulse, etc. No one is perfect! Having grace makes family relationships run much smoother. 

{Accept Differences}
Life would be incredibly boring if we were all the same. Our differences as an individual is what gives us uniqueness and personality! In families, there are usually a lot of members, thus lots of differences. We don't have to agree with them, love the same things they love, or become the same person as they are. But learning to simply accept the differences is something (IMO!) that has to be done for family relationships to thrive.

{Make an Effort}
Go out of your way to be kind. Think before you speak. Listen and try to understand. Have compassion. Let things go. Learn to love from a pure heart. Trying and making a sincere effort is very much needed in a family for things to work.

{Focus On The Reason}
Instead of dwelling on bickering and petty disagreements, focus on what is really important. Family. It is something special and lasts longer than a lifetime. Family will always be there and always love you. Don't take it for granted or waste time over silly and unimportant matters. Remember what family is all about.

{Pray About It}
Ask God to help you in your family relationships. Only through him can we truly have peace and love for one another. Pray for understanding, grace, patience, and continued peace.


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  1. Great tips, Marie. I love my family, too, they're awesome :)


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