Something You've Been Learning {30 Day Challenge}

Life is a learning process isn't it? You learn from mistakes, learn how to improve, learn from others, learn lessons, learn to grow. I'm kind of glad for this, can you imagine if this was as good as it gets? Thank God he gives us what we need to learn. That ability is something priceless and important. So, me, what have I been learning lately? Ouch. This post could get a little personal! To be honest I think that being a new mom, right now I'm learning most of all how to be


I've never thought of myself as a selfish person. I mean of course, we're all a little selfish sometimes. After all, it's natural human nature to be like this, no? But coming from a big family and living the way I've lived, I honestly never gave a second thought to my selfishness. Well...getting married was the first eye opener! No matter how much you love your spouse, no matter how well you know them, or how comfortable you are together...you will definitely face moments where you have to make a choice whether you will be selfish or selfless. I've tried to learn and improve in this area, and it's not been easy but at least I thought (!) that after a year+ I was doing much better. Enter the new mommy stage. Life is suddenly all about baby! Okay. I'm one of those people who is all for letting the baby adjust to your lifestyle. I don't think life stops after having kids, and I think it's good for kids to learn to be flexible at a young age. That said, come on....honestly...at 3 weeks old, 80% of everything has to do with the baby! It takes time for everyone to get adjusted and for life to even out again. Children are a blessing but they certainly change your life. I know that my husband and I both are going to have to "grow up" and mature a lot now that we are parents. A child is the biggest responsibility we've ever been given! Now, my husband seems to be doing just fine, he has always been better than I when it comes to sharing, giving, and having that selfless attitude towards others. Me? Well. I still need work. So many times in the past few weeks I've had to stop myself and get an attitude adjustment. I want to take a shower. Baby needs me. I want to eat lunch. Baby needs me. I lay down to take a nap. Baby needs me. I want 5 minutes alone. Baby needs me!! I want to finish this blog post, baby needs me! (lol) I've had to stop the selfishness from going to my mind, and ask God to help me become more selfless. After all, I'm a mom now. And one of the  character traits of a good mother? Being selfless. It's going to take time but I hope that God will work in my heart and life to make me think more about others and less about myself!

So. That's what I've been learning about in my life lately.

What is something God has been teaching you?



  1. Mmm..good thoughts. Thanks Marie! : )

    God has been teaching me so much about His love right now, though it's so amazing I'm sure I'll never be done!


    Have a blessed day!

  2. God showed me sometime last year how really selfish I am, as well, and how selfless the role that mothers fill is! It's something that I am working on as I hope to be a mom someday!


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