Plans for the Week {Another 30 Day Challenge}

Or maybe I should be titling this....things I need to do this week! Maybe I'm just a poor excuse for a mom, but having a baby around makes getting stuff done difficult. I guess I should cut myself a little slack, considering it's only been 3 weeks and technically my own body is still recovering. Hopefully I'll be getting more energy soon, cause this girl has a lot she needs to get done! :-)

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I need to start working on the family cookbook that I'm putting together again. It's been years since the last one was done and I'm so excited to see this one as a finished product!
 I need to take more photos of baby girl soon. Time is going by so fast, I don't want to miss this tiny stage!
 I need to properly go through my closet and organize my clothes! Now that I'm postpartum my body has changed a lot and I need to put things into three categories, what I can wear now, what I hope to wear again soon, and what will in no way ever fit me again! :-)
 Okay. This isn't a need. I WANT to make truffles. I have been craving them like crazy and they really aren't so hard to make. I'm thinking dark chocolate + peppermint. Mm.
I need to pull out Christmas stuff and start decorating! Usually the house gets decked out the day after Thanksgiving, I'm way behind this year! :-)

What is something you need to get done this week?



  1. Oh truffles! They look so good! My to-do list is long this week...decorate for Christmas, clean the house, baking some cookies...all in time for a party I'm hosting on Saturday.

  2. Mmmmm those truffles look amazing!! :)

    Ummm something I need to get done this week is cleaning my room. Right now. hahaha


  3. Marie I am glad yeah you have new responsibilites with your little love so don't beat yourself up about not getting as much done. I definitely do not realize how annoying that must be, but hey I had to say go easy on yourself. ;)

    I need to order some more vitamins from Vitacost asap. I ran out monday. I have loved following your blog! Its an encouragement. I agreed with your modesty post as well and I would add that we should remember who we are representing by our clothing. Besides God we are representing our husbands and/or fathers. That was a new thing I never thought about until recently.

    In Christ,


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