Maria {Week 1}

{Maria + I getting ready to come home from the hospital. I think it's the only photo of us together so far! I need to work on getting some more.}

-I can't believe our first week is over. Crazy! Overall, I can't complain, it hasn't been very difficult at all, at least up until this point. I know my time will come sooner or later! hehe. As for me, I recovered pretty quickly after the birth, besides feeling a little weak and lightheaded for the first few days, and some cramping throughout the week...by now I am feeling so much more like myself again! I am still very tired, especially during the night. And even when I feel stronger I know I still need to take it easy right now, so I'm just trying to take care of me and baby girl, and rest as much as possible! 

-Breastfeeding has gone well, it's definitely a learning process for both mom and baby. :-) But I think we're both doing okay and if we can just make it through the next week everything will be just fine! 

-Maria is sleeping for long stretches in the morning hours and afternoon so that's when I've been trying to sleep too. Although I have to say it is tempting to not get distracted and try to get other things done around the house, like put away clean my room, write some emails or edit more photos. But I've been a good girl and at least put an effort into trying to use that time to SLEEP. :-) Nighttime is definitely the hardest right now, baby girl likes to eat for hours on end and by the time she decides to settle down (anywhere from 2-5am!), this mommy is pretty wiped out. But I am blessed that usually after that she will sleep at least 2 hours, if not longer. The first night she slept for 5 hours straight! Probably won't happen again for months, but I was really happy to at least have one night of sweet sleep. :-) 

-My husband is so in love with his little girl already, it is the sweetest thing to see. Some of this baby stuff is pretty new to him but he is a quick learner and will be a pro in no time! Being a parent is kind of a scary feeling. It is so new, and something so serious, to be honest I am so afraid of messing up. But then I'm gently reminded that everyone makes mistakes, even parents, so I need to just do my best and leave it in God's hands. Like everything in life it is a learning process that will take time! So many times this week I ended up in tears beating myself up for being such a bad mom already. Probably hormones for the most part! My husband, family and friends, have been very sweet and encouraging though and I'm so blessed by the support system surrounding me. I feel very loved! 

-Well I suppose that's it for now. I don't really want to turn this into a "mommy" blog but I hope you bear with me as I do post "mommy" posts here and there! :-) Just as a side question, will it be terribly confusing if I still go by Marie? I honestly didn't even think about the fact that my daughters name would be so close to my online alias. If I get enough votes, I will start going by Arielle to make things easier, but I don't want to cause confusion either. :-)Let me know what you think!!
Marie {Arielle?}


  1. Maria is the cutest thing, Arielle! Sounds like you are adjusting quite nicely.

    About your name, I think that whatever you feel comfortable doing is okay.

  2. Oh, she is adorable... I am glad that your adjustment is going alright.

    The name thing doesn't confuse me, but if you want to start going by Arielle, I'm all for it! However you feel comfortable. :)

  3. Well, the name doesn't confuse ME, but I usually refer to you as "Marie" somehow I just can't get Arielle into my thick head! LOL!
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  4. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, Marie! I personally would love it if your blog turned "mommyish", at least in part. That's who you are now! :)

  5. Awww what an adorable picture!!! :) I'm still praying for you guys and I'm sure you'll get better and better as time goes on.

    The name thing, btw, does not confuse me at all!! But do whatever you what. :)


  6. If you feel like you should go by Arielle on here, then by all means go for it. ;) Personally speaking I like both names really.

    Very cute picture of you and daughter, btw! :D

  7. I think Arielle is gorgeous, and if you feel comfortable going by that, then do it!

  8. I am LOVING all the tiny family-trio photos, Arielle! And by the way...YOUR NAME IS LOVELY! You should *so* go by your given name, girl! :-)

  9. Arielle! If you're comfortable with it, definitely do it!!! Because I do want you to do some mommy posts and that would get a bit confusing!:)


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