Maria Pt. 2 {home at last}

{love this little face she makes when she is sleeping!}
{spending time with daddy}
{I think she's gonna be a daddy's girl}
{finally getting to use all those cute + tiny baby things!}
{she gets the long lashes from her daddy for sure}
{yes, I've given in to the pacifier. don't judge!}

I stayed at the hospital for 3 nights, and was very lucky to have such a comfortable visit. The nurses were very sweet for the most part, although it seems like there are always a few who set out just to make you feel stupid! lol. :-) My room was spacious and comfortable, and lots of light...an entire wall of windows looking out on the city and autumn trees, so that was lovely. My husband was originally supposed to stay with me the whole time but at the last minute couldn't get time off work, so lucky for me I was able to get my sister to stay with me instead and I am sooo glad she did! I probably would have died of boredom if I had been alone. :-) I only got to see my husband for about an hour every evening so I missed him like crazy! It was hard being apart at a time when you want to be together the most. Needless to say I had a good cry every time he had to walk out the door! Thursday afternoon it was time to come home and I was so ready...back to normal food, a familiar bed, my family and husband! All of the photos above are from the first few days at home. I am working on getting some more now that she is 1 entire week old. I can't believe how time flies! :-)
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  1. AAwww...she is so cute! I love the close-up.

  2. Oh, she is absolutely adorable! :) Such a beautiful little face. :)

  3. I think she looks so much like your family! She is beautiful!

  4. oh your daughter is adorable! the pictures are lovely and that is beautiful to see how you guys love her! Congratulations! (oh and pacifiers are wonderful inventions;) )

  5. She's so precious Arielle! :D I don't judge the pacifier...my mom used one for years with all us kids and never had any trouble. Yeah for the use of all those cute baby items!!

    So glad you're home now where it's more restful and comfortable. Home is the best. :)

    Love you!

  6. What a lovely little girl-so beautiful! And I love that picture up close of her eyelashes-stunning!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. She is absolutely beautiful Marie!
    Oh my goodness.

  8. She is just soooo presh!!! All the pictures are wonderful. :) I'm just sooo happy for you guys!!


  9. What a beautiful little princess! I think she looks like her daddy! My mother was a dental assistant, and she always used pacifiers with us, because it was much better in the long run than a child getting into a thumb habit. Then, when she was ready to break us of the pacifier, she put a little slit into the rubber, and we suddenly weren't as interested anymore!

  10. Sooo pretty!!! LOVEEE the lashes, so cute!


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