Maria Pt. 1 {hospital stay}

My apologies for such a long absence here on the blog! But I have taken to heart the advice given to me by so many other moms and I really relaxed and took it slow as much as I could this week. I ignored phone calls, put off replying to the many emails received and took my time getting around to editing any photos. And I am so glad I did! I was able to rest so much and gather back a lot of strength....now, almost one week later, I am feeling pretty fabulous if I do say so myself and I am glad I took that advice. :-) My one week is up though so now it is back to business and I have a lot of blogging to catch up with! Just kidding, I am still going to try to take it easy for the next several weeks and my apologies ahead of time if I'll be a little hit and miss. But I'll do my best to get back in the saddle and start blogging regularly again! So to start, I have lots of photos...we'll begin with the hospital and just go from there. :-)
{the happy new father! he is already in love with his little girl.}
{two days old, and sound asleep.}
{big yawn! must be tiring to be a little baby.}
{asleep in her bassinet.}
{our hospital room.}
{more yawns!!}
{tiny fingers.}
{pretty little baby eyes.}
{grumpy face!!}
{three days old.}
{ready to go home!}

I'm sure no one wants a detailed birth story so I'll do the condensed version. Or try. We'll see how it goes. :-)

-My contractions started Sunday at midnight, I live two hours away from the hospital so after awhile we decided to head that direction. Better being safe than sorry! :-)

-We arrived around 6am and my contractions were about 4 minutes a part and still pretty manageable. I was happy to find that I was already 5cm dilated! After this it's pretty much a boring blur. I had blood taken, signed a bunch of papers, had the babies heartbeat monitored off and on, and was happy to have the nicest nurses on duty taking care of me! One of them eventually brought me a birthing ball and I found a comfy (well as comfy as labor can get) spot where I could sit on the ball and lean forward onto my hospital bed where I had some pillows stacked up. My mom and husband took turns rubbing my back, holding my hands, helping me breathe, reminding me to relax, and keeping me warm or cool...depending on my mood. :-) I had a playlist going on my iPad next to me with all of my favorite (relaxing) christian/inspirational songs and I remember that every time I focused in on it I heard words like "pain" and "weakness." I thought it was funny they popped out to me so much. 

-Eventually the contractions started to get really strong. More than anything I was just exhausted. I remember telling my husband, "I just want to sleep!" When a contraction stopped I would be close to tears and wanted to collapse. I just felt sooo tired. I didn't really want to do it anymore and was getting scared I wouldn't have any strength left by the time the baby came.

-The nurses came in and told me it was time to move to the delivery room, because my labor was speeding up and apparently they don't like the idea of babies being born in the hallway. (ha!) So I got wheeled down the longest hallway, up an elevator and down more hallways...believe me. They were long hallways. And contractions aren't fun when you're in a wheelchair either! They checked me again and I was only 6-7cm dilated. By now I was having relatively short but incredibly strong contractions. I was so discouraged that I hadn't dilated more, I felt like giving up! The midwife told me I needed to try to move around to help the baby move down but I wasn't feeling strong enough to walk, so she was able to help me find another position that I could handle. 

-From here it didn't take to long to finish dilating and after pushing for exactly 20 minutes our baby girl was in my arms. For the next two hours I stayed in the delivery + recovery room while everything got finished up. I was so glad it was all over with! Little Maria nursed for a good 30 minutes right away (!) and she got a lot of good bonding time with her daddy and grandma. :-) I was so exhausted by that point I pretty much crashed so I'm glad that my mom and husband got to be there for the baby. 

-It was a total of 12 hours and I can't believe I did it all completely natural. Not that I didn't want an epidural...I pretty much asked for it! But between my husband, mom, the doctors, my midwife and nurses, they all encouraged me to keep going and not give up. I honestly don't remember most of the pain, and I won't remember childbirth as a painful experience like it is so often thought of. Exhausting? Yes! I can't remember ever feeling that incredibly tired. I am amazed I managed to stay awake and have the strength to go through it all. It is amazing what your body can do. 

-A huge thank you to my husband and mom, I really couldn't have done it without them! I am also so blessed to have had a great team of nurses, doctors, and a wonderful midwife on duty at the time of my labor and birth...they were so helpful and kind. 

I will be back tomorrow with more photos and news about the baby. :-) For now, it's time for this mommy to get some sleep. Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments in my last post announcing Maria's birth. You guys are the sweetest!


  1. Ohmygosh I freaked out when I saw the pictures!!!! Maria is precious!!!! You're gonna be a wonderful mom, I just know it!!! :) Congratulations, again!! And I was praying that your labor and delivery would go well, so I'm super glad to hear it did! God is good.


  2. Beautiful baby! Congrats:) ~Mary

  3. She is the sweetest baby ever!I want to hold her;)You are going to be a wonderful mom,you just have that look about you.
    God Bless you and your new baby

  4. Congrats, Arielle! She is SO beautiful... and such wonderful sweet parents little Maria has. :) So excited for you, and LOVE these pictures!! :)


  5. She's incredibly beautiful, Arielle! Her yawns are adorable, and I love the monkey outfit. ;) Just curious, what color are her eyes? They look like they're blue, but then again I could be wrong. :D

    Congrats again!

  6. Arielle I'm so happy the Lord blessed you and enabled you to have a safe delivery! I enjoyed reading your story and am glad to hear not all birthing stories are "scary". ;) Hehe. Your little darling girl is adorable! So glad you are able to get well rested this past week and that all is going smoothly for you.

    Love and Hugs my darling friend! {hugs}

  7. Oh my-congratulations! I guess I missed the post announcing Maria's birth! She is so adorable-aren't babies a blessing?!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Congratulations!!! She's a beautiful baby. :)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful girl Arielle! Congratulations again. I loved seeing the pictures of your new blessings and I can't wait to see more in the future. Best of luck to you and Dan as you journey on the road of parenthood.

  10. Congratulations are your beautiful princess! She is soooo gorgeous!

  11. Yay, congratulations! She is so beautiful! :) You are going to be great parents- I am glad that your labor wasn't too painful.. and feel free to post as much of your birth story as you wish- I would love it!

  12. Awww!!! Maybe one day I'll have to remember that, don't put any songs on the playlist that mention pain of weakness!!!:)


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