5 Things I'm Looking Forward Too {30 Day Challenge}

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The arrival of baby girl! I'm 39 weeks now, already 3 centimeters dilated, having contractions sporadically, and getting that nervous/excited feeling. :-) Please keep me in your prayers as I could be having the baby any time now. I am really looking forward to seeing her beautiful little face. :-)
Thanksgiving. It is such a nice holiday, isn't it? Even though my family has lived out of country for over 5 years now, we still celebrate it faithfully in our (now) multi-cutural family. :-) I can't wait to bake tons of goodies and start making decoration plans!
Start christmas shopping! I am already a little behind on this one, I usually start earlier on in the year! But being in the blah/fat/I feel like staying home stage of my pregnancy, I haven't gotten out much. :-) So I suppose I'll be waiting until after baby's arrival to start shopping. It will be a rush and more complicated this year I'm sure, with a baby in tow! But I'm really looking forward to start picking up gifts for the people I love most.
The first snowfall. I love waking up to snow for the first time. It's so magical. Everything silent, clean, and new. But my prayers are that it waits until after I go into labor. I live over an hour from the hospital and have to drive through a mountain pass, so I'd be more comfortable if the bad weather holds off a little longer! :-)
Giving myself a proper pedicure. Before you laugh... I am so dead serious. Having a watermelon strapped to your middle, makes it kind of hard to reach your toes. It is difficult enough to put on socks, tie my shoes, pick things up off the floor..let alone try to pamper and paint my toes. So yes. I am really looking forward to reaching them again soon. :-)

What is something you are looking forward to right now?



  1. Eeeeep! So excited for you right now! :D I'll be praying!

  2. I'm looking forward to going back to Iowa for Thanksgiving and seeing my grandparents. :) I'm excited for my youth group's winter retreat because its going to be during me and my twin's bday!!

    And I will definitley keep you in my prayers Marie!!


  3. These posts are so neat, Marie! :) I'll be praying for you, and the little one! SO exciting! ;)

  4. Wow - so exciting! I love reading these anticipation posts... I'll be praying for a safe delivery - and for the snow to hold off a little while longer. :)

  5. So excited for you! My friend and her husband had their baby boy yesterday (on my birthday!).

    Something I'm really look forward to is my brother and his family coming home for Thanksgiving. They haven't been here for Thanksgiving for six years. Way too long...

  6. Looking forward to someday meeting little Maria ;)

  7. Looking forward to someday meeting little Maria ;)

  8. Looking forward to someday meeting little Maria ;)


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